Financial insights in 1 minute

Boardeaser Financials ensures that the Board has current and relevant financial transparency in the organization. In 1 minute, the board member may form an opinion if further analysis is required.

Exhaustive analysis in 5 minutes

The board member can easily dig deeper in the financial situation with the extensive and educational financial analysis provided by Boardeaser.

Boardeaser Financials

Reports straight from accounting

Quick, automatic and relevant financial reporting tailored to the needs of the board. Adaptable to the follow-up needs of the individual organization. Good support at the right level of detail is a prerequisite for good decisions and successful organizations.

  • Quickly and accurately directly from accounting to the board
  • Supports all Swedish accounting software
  • Board members can receive parallel reporting from all assignments
  • Makes it easy for the CEO to report, multiple templates included

Analyzes tailored to your needs

A standard set of analyzes is included, but you can create and customize your own templates with the KPIs that are important to your business.

Income Statement
Balance sheet
liquidity Analysis
Equity analysis
Checking Balance Analysis
Analysis and control of tax payments
Outstanding customer invoice analysis
Average length of outstanding customer invoices

Cash flow development
Profit analysis against budget
Profit margin development
Sales analysis against budget
Revenue growth development
Tax Analysis
Results Analysis

Credit to customer
Age distribution customer invoices
Cash flow analysis
Trends over several years
Resolution by day, week, month, quarter, year
Rolling 3 and 12 average
Lots of variations on each graph and table

Boardeaser KPI

Custom KPIs and graphs

Include the operation’s operational key ratios in the reporting with Boardeaser CPI. Create graphs, tables and key figures with a few button clicks. Advanced reporting has never been easier, start your free trial today!

  • Create graphs from KPIs and add to reports
  • When updating the KPI reports are automatically updated
  • Visualize advanced calculations in graphs
  • Analyze and forecast how the business performs
Boardeaser Reports

Create customized reports

With Boardeaser’s reporting tools the CEO can create monthly reports quickly and smoothly. Add text, graphs and compilations with a few button clicks. Publish directly to the board in Boardeaser or distribute externally as pdf.

  • Snabbt och korrekt rapportering direkt från verksamheten
  • Importera bokföringsdata från alla svenska bokföringssystem
  • Styrelseledamot kan få parallell rapportering från alla uppdrag
  • Enkelt för VD skriva VD månadsrapport, flera mallar ingår

Want to know more?

Welcome to find out if you have questions or want to book a free tour of Boardeaser.

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+46 73 725 19 83