Secure board work

As boards handle sensitive material security is paramount. Boardeaser is built from scratch with this in mind.

  • All data traffic is encrypted over SSL (SHA-256 with RSA encryption)
  • Files are encrypted with AES-256 and stored on AWS S3 in Ireland
  • Daily back-ups
  • Activity log and traceability
  • Internal eligibility levels
  • Isolated privileged zones
  • No sensitive information is sent via e-mail
  • The platform is designed using proven techiques

Reduced risk for board members

As a member you have a great responsibility and take personal risk. Boardeaser helps you reduce that risk with good insight into the company’s finances and compliance.

  • Insight into the company’s financial position and development directly from the accounting
  • Members can act quickly on negative deviations and trends
  • Control of tax payments and shareholders’ equity
  • Ensure that the company has all formalities in place and updated
  • Ensure that the company has business-critical agreements in place