Your Digital Board Portal

Boardeaser simplifies your board work
and streamlines your reporting.
Smooth board meetings and intelligent
secure document management.

Your time is valuable
– use it right

With smart features and structured processes, Boardeaser makes sure your board can spend time on what’s important – making the best decisions and building successful companies.

How can Boardeaser help me?


More efficient board work

Gather all board documentation in one place with clear overview, smart
functionality and structured processess.


Insights in company growth and development

Boardeaser analyzes and visualizes the key figures that your board needs. The management reports to the board with just a click.


Order among agreements and documents

Boardeaser ensures that the Board has all important documents and agreements in place, visualizes and reminds when contracts are about to expire.


Less risk for company and member

Work encrypted and reduce your personal risk with good insights and built-in control features.

Work professionally and efficient with

Boardeaser Board Portal

Ensure that the board works efficiently and focuses on the right things.

  • Overview of all your board assignments in one place
  • Digital meeting documentation from agenda to signed minutes
  • Decision log and follow-up
  • Shared documents
  • To-dos
  • Reminders and weekly letters
  • Calendar files for meetings
  • Digital signatures of minutes
  • Gather all your board engagements in one place
Automated governance with

Boardeaser Business Intelligence

Automate and increase the quality of reporting to the board. CEO and CFO saves time and the board can ensure that you get current, correct and relevant insight into the company.


Order among contracts and deals

Boardeaser compiles important documents and agreements. Boardeaser’s visualization and reminders simplify follow-up.

  • Overview of important documents for your board
  • See who has read what and when documents need updating
  • Monitor maturity, liability and value of agreements
  • Ensure that the company is always ready for a potential DD
  • Reduced risk for company and member

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Whether you are a small association or a listed company, Boardeaser can be tailored to your needs. You are welcome to hear from you and describe how your needs look like and we will come back with solution suggestions.

We would like to show you Boardeaser with a demo on-site or via Skype / phone, depending on where you are in the country. Write a message in the form on the right and we will get back to you!

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