About us

Boardeaser was founded in 2015 by five entrepreneurs who saw the potential of a digitized board life. A vision emerged – to free up more time to build companies and create conditions for better-founded decisions.

At the end of 2016, Boardeasers’ board portal was launched – a result of interviews with over 500 board members and company leaders.

Today, Boardeaser is proud to provide an innovative all-in-one solution for professional corporate governance. Our board portal is the hub of a platform that also offers powerful tools for reporting, group consolidation and governance.

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Our Team

porträtt på Pär Haga, Vd på Boardeaser

Pär Haga


T: +46 73 725 19 83
E: Pär Haga

Porträtt, Christian Waller, Boardeaser

Christian Waller


T: +46 70 422 77 18
E: Christian Waller

Porträtt,Erik Södermark Boardeaser

Erik Södermark


T: +46 70 44 39 249
E: Erik Södermark


Tim Hansen

Board Member

T: +46 70 916 43 00
E: Tim Hansen

Michel Chantal

Michel Chatall


T: +46 72 394 32 83
E: Michel Chatall

Portätt Robin

Robin Skarphagen

Account manager

T: +46 70 814 56 40
E: Robin Skarphagen


Oscar Pettersson

Team Leader Support


Philip Zakrisson

Customer Success Manger

Portätt på Mattias, medarbetare på Boardeaser

Mattias Pettersson

Customer Success Manager


John Shield


E: Johan Sköld

Porträtt på Johanna, medarbetare på Boardeaser

Johanna Holmström


T: +46 73 984 27 74
E: Johanna Holmström

Porträtt, Gabriella Haga Boardeaser

Gabriella Haga


T: +46 70 275 14 54
E. Gabriella Haga

Portätt Emanuel

Emanuel Enberg

Software Developer

Porträtt,Jakob Waller Boardeaser

James Waller

Software Developer

Porträtt, David Wessman Boardeaser

David Wessman

Software Developer


Josephine Rust



Emil Carlsson

Software Developer

Porträtt, Johanna Gripenstam Boardeaser

Johanna Gripenstam

Software Developer

Join us?

At Boardeaser, everyone is involved in the company’s development, which creates a strong sense of commitment towards building a successful business. Every team member plays a crucial role in our journey!