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Boardeaser provides you with a modern way of working with consolidation, reporting and annual accounts – all in one tool. In our service, you can smoothly consolidate every month (!) and make sure that you are well-prepared for the annual report.

Boardeaser for Business Groups – consolidation the modern way

Discover the tool that makes it possible to consolidate and produce reports in just minutes.

Better insights

Higher quality



”In a short time we got an overview of the entire group’s financial situation and save hours every month.”

Ruud Suntjens

CFO at Yabie

Group Consolidation

Consolidate every month and get in control of the accounting

Make your group consolidation an automated process instead of working manually in spreadsheets. Boardeaser Group analyzes all transactions in each group company and provides automatic elimination proposals according to established regulations. With smart built-in tools for reconciliation and control, you get a quality-assured consolidation.

Group Reporting

Smooth reporting that everyone understands

Boardeaser Group gives you quick insight into the group’s financial situation. We convert the accounting from your group companies into clear graphs and reports. With tools and templates to automate the reporting process, your organization gets the opportunity to focus on analysis and well-founded decisions.

In addition, the tool contains everything you need to manage budgets and forecasts as well as carry out key figure analyses.

Group annual report – Release spring 2024

Avoid stress and worry - submit the group annual report digitally

With integrated e-signing and digital submission to the Swedish Companies Registration Office, we make it easier than ever to prepare and submit your consolidated annual report. In addition, you avoid the mail and can feel safe in the fact that it has been submitted. 

Boardeaser supports over 100 notes, confirmation certificates, management report, RR, BR and KF. With us, you can manage the entire consolidated accounts; from ongoing reconciliations to submission of the annual report.

Advantages for accountants

Automated processes

Processes such as reporting, consolidation and budgeting can normally be time-consuming, manual work. With Boardeaser, it’s fast and automated.

Valuable guidance

With consolidation expertise built into our tools, you’ll get a helping hand along the way — whether you’re a novice or experienced professional.

Quality assurance

With fresh data straight from your accounting system and features to find errors, you get the support you need to ensure the quality of your delivery.

Advantages for board and management

Quick insight into the group

Through fast consolidation and reporting processes, board and management can quickly get access to current data.

Clear overview

The visually clear reports make it easy for you to process large amounts of information in a simple way.

Basis for better decisions

Based on the quick and educational insight into the group and its companies, you can confidently make better decisions.

"In Boardeaser, we have found a service where we can get control of board work, reporting and consolidation at the same time."
Camilla Wolff
Group Financial Controller, Navigo Invest

Get on track with our tailored onboarding

Get started quickly with our specialists

Getting started with our service is easy. Together with our specialists, you and your team get to know the tools and set up the structure for your group.

Education and support

We offer further training so that your company can make the most of our tools. Do questions come up along the way? Then you turn to our support center with free guides and instructional videos.

What we offer:


The service will be launched Spring 2024. 

The Boardeaser Group includes three different parts: consolidation, reporting and annual report. You can choose between different packages with varying functionality based on your group’s size and needs. You can find more information about the packages and pricing here.

You are welcome to book a free demo with one of our product specialists. You and your colleagues get to see how the service works in practice and a chance to ask questions. If you are still interested, we will draw up a quote based on your needs.

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Yes. Other countries companies’ accounting can be read via SIE4-, SAF-T- or Excel files.


Yes, full handling of IFRS16 will be released Spring 2024.


Yes, shortly. Phased acquisition analysis will be implemented during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Yes. Group consolidation in Boardeaser has full support for handling international subsidiaries & currency differences. Exchange rates are automatically retrieved from the Riksbank, both average and closing rates for the period. Exchange rates that the Riksbank does not support can be entered manually.

Boardeaser are connected to, among others, Fortnox, Visma eEkonomi, Björn Lundén and PE Accounting. You can also upload SIE4 files, Excel files and Google Sheets into the system.


Yes. Both the user interface and reports are in English.

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