Group Consolidation

Boardeaser’s tools provide intuitive, insightful, and extensive reporting for your business group and all subsidiaries to the board, CEO, CFO, and entire business.

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Today's simplest business group consolidation

Automate all reporting in a couple of hours

Step 1
Build business group visualizations and import data

Visually map out your business group in a tree diagram and import accounting data for each subsidiary. Done in just a few clicks.

Step 2
Create templates & dashboards

Easily customize your consolidation and reports for the entire group and for each subsidiary.

Step 3

Sync data from your financial system – all dashboards and report templates are updated automatically.

Consolidate in one minute

Map out your business group in a tree diagram and import each company’s data directly from their financial systems. Then, seamlessly create custom dashboards and consolidated report templates that will be updated automatically every month. Consolidate each company under a minute!

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Key features

Automatic calculation, categorization and problem-solving


Minority shareholding

Enter capital ownership and votes for every company in the group – Boardeaser automatically classifies all companies; subsidiaries, associated companies, and investments.


International subsidiaries

Upload financial data from international subsidiaries via Excel and get reports for each company.

Digital checklista


Built-in standard controls simplify, speed up, and quality control your business group’s consolidation and reporting.


Elimination rules

Use our standard elimination rules or define your own rules to use in each group consolidation.

  • Hundreds of companies can be managed in the business group consolidation
  • Group structures on several levels
  • Locking periods
  • Manage fully owned subsidiaries, partly owned subsidiaries, and associated companies
  • Link to share register for current status of ownership and flagging in the event of a change
  • Issuing of minority shares
  • Manage time periods – months, quarters, four months, one year, whichever time frame you choose!
  • Automatic transfer of eliminations and balance sheet items between financial years
  • Manage international subsidiaries
  • Exchange rate per day and average rate per month and year
  • KPIs in subsidiaries and groups
  • Handles various chart of accounts for companies and groups
  • Link accounts to standardize accounts throughout the group
  • Elimination editor for automatic, partly-automatic, and manual eliminations
  • Import and export eliminations to and from Excel and Google Sheets
  • ”Drill-down” och ”fly-over” on all items, accounts, and variables (development over time, trends, growth rate, R3, R12, etc. in tables and graphs)
  • Standard group templates for dashboards, reports, tables, graphs, and key figures
  • Standard subsidiary templates for dashboards, reports, tables, graphs, and key figures
  • Easily build your own dashboards, reports, tables, graphs, and key figures
  • Manages all business areas, profit centers, projects, etc. for companies within your business group. Dashboards, reports, tables, graphs, and key figures included!
  • Manages K3/IFRS16
  • The accounting data transmitted by subsidiary companies is controlled to make sure it is submitted correctly and logged
  • Detects variation in subsidiaries within the group.

Create customized reports

With Boardeaser’s additional products, you can create your own graphs, tables, and report templates to tailor business group reports with consolidated data. You can also create automated and detailed reports for each subsidiary. 

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