Boardeaser samarbetar med Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen and Boardeaser initiate cooperation

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Riksbyggen works actively to help its members and customers simplify their work through digitalization. Now they are taking the next big step by offering their customers a digital boardroom, full of smart functions and efficient workflows.

– We investigated different possibilities and actors and the choice fell on Boardeaser. They have a superior product that will provide great support to the boards of our condominium associations. Together we developed the Boardroom, which is basically Boardeaser’s standard product, Styrelseportal , but where we supplemented with Riksbyggen’s templates and vocabulary for board work, says Christian Bengtzelius, Association Manager at Riksbyggen.

He continues, this is the first step in our digitalization journey together with Boardeaser, more valuable functions will be offered to Riksbyggen’s tenant-owner associations later on. We see this as a strategically important step to modernize and future-proof the board work and therefore offer all associations Boardeaser completely free of charge in 2021 so that they can experience the benefits themselves.

Simplifies and streamlines board work

Via the Boardroom, Riksbyggen’s customers can now conduct board meetings digitally, from notice to signing and archiving of minutes with an integrated video solution.

Riksbyggen offers its members via Boardeaser’s product a digital solution that is simple, affordable, safe and sustainable.

The product also provides the opportunity for efficiency, transparency, reduced climate footprint, simplification regarding handling of information and that all documents are gathered in one place, which makes the board less dependent on people.

“We are very proud to enter into this collaboration with one of Sweden’s leading real estate companies. The fact that Riksbyggen has compared us with all players in the market and concluded that Boardeaser is the best solution feels incredibly fun and we look forward to a good collaboration, says Pär Haga, CEO, Boardeaser.

“We have now launched the Boardroom for all the more than 4,300 tenant-owner associations that Riksbyggen manages and now hope that they will appreciate the new service,” concludes Christian Bengtzelius.

About Boardeaser

Boardeaser is a secure Swedish cloud service for professional corporate governance. We streamline and provide support to management and the board to make the right decisions and run successful organizations.

Our Board Portal is the hub of a platform that also offers powerful tools for reporting, group consolidation, management and governance.

Boardeaser’s Board Portal was launched at the end of 2016. We are a fast-growing company and today we are proud to simplify everyday life for our more than 2,500 customers and 12,000 users. Our customers include all types of companies and organizations.

For further information, please contact:

Pär Haga, CEO, Boardeaser
Phone: +46 73 725 19 83
E-mail: pä

Laptop visar mötesprocessen i Boardeasers Styrelseportal
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