Create free investor proposals

Automatically create a document with
all the financial and operational key ratios
as potential investors want to see.

Are you a startup looking for funding? Boardeaser can help you design a nice and professional investment proposal. Visualize all key figures with graphs, add texts and images to describe your business for investors.


Create an account
Click here to create a free Boardeaser account. When you register your organization account, enter the campaign code “Looking for Capital” and you will get 3 free months of Boardeaser.

Upload financial information
Upload SIE4-files from your accounting software for financial KPIs. These are files exported from your financial system and contain all accounting data.

Upload your own key figures
In Boardeaser you can also upload your own key figures that are from your business, eg. number of customers, number of members or users, invoiced hours, units sold etc. These can be uploaded to Boardeaser using the built-in excel template.

Create investment proposal
Create your report on “Reports”. Click “Add new graph” to add graphs for your own key figures that you created earlier.

Publish and distribute the report
When you’re done with the report, click “Save and view” at the bottom right. Here you get a preview of the report. View or download the pdf.

Now you are ready to send a professional investment proposal to the investors!

Ange koden “Söker kapital” när du registrerar ditt konto så får ni Boardeaser fritt i 3 månader.

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