Budget tools

With Boardeaser you get a smooth and flexible budget tool for your budget and forecast work. Get budget proposals and automatically compare your results to your budget. Our budgeting tool is a real time saver for the company’s finance and finance department.

Automatiserad rapportering

Forecasting and budgeting tools in the cloud

Boardeaser’s budget and forecasting tool is developed to facilitate your forecasting and budgeting process. With automatic calculations directly from your accounting, the risk of errors is also minimized.

With our tools, you work data-driven in the cloud and easily include budget and forecast in your reporting. In our reporting tool, you quickly compile customized reports and graphs where you can compare budget against outcome and quickly detect budget deviations.


Rolling 12

Our rolling 12 forecasting tool gives you the flexibility and adaptability to successfully fend off sharp throws and surprises.

With rolling forecasts , you get a continuously updated picture of the current situation instead of forecasts over a static period of time. Our forecasting tool gives you automatic forecast suggestions with optional intervals, months, quarters, half-years, etc.


Forecasting can often be both complicated and time-consuming. With our forecasting tool, you can very easily and with just a few clicks of a button create forecasts based on different scenarios and automatically generate forecast suggestions based on KPIs and trends.

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Classic budget and forecast, rolling by 12-18 months or by dynamic length?

There are several methods of budgeting and forecasting. It’s not always easy to know which one is the best. Here you will read more about the pros and cons of rolling 12. Swedish only.

This is how our budgeting tool works in practice.

Your accounting is automatically loaded into Boardeaser via integration to your financial system or files. Then read your budget from Excel – our powerful tool then takes care of the matching.

We automatically produce a budget informed by history and trends. Via your loaded budget, you get automatic reconciliation monthly and accumulated.

You avoid manual work with data collection, versioning, template creation, sending Excel files and consolidating budget templates. You can always export a budget template or budget proposal to Excel.


Try the budget tool for free for 30 days by signing up here and activating the Financials add-on.

Some of the features of the budget tool

The budget tool provides reliable overview

Boardeaser offers a complete solution for budget and forecasting, analysis, reporting and visualization. We give you the decision support you need to succeed.

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