Modern Governance

Work efficiently and secure with
Boardeaser. Ensure that the company
is compliant and lower your risk

Secure, efficient and smart

With smart features and structured processes, Boardeaser makes sure your board can spend time on what’s important – making the best decisions and building successful companies.

How can Boardeaser help my company?


Smarter and more efficient board work

Everything gathered in one place with clear overview, smart features and structured processes.


Structure for documents and agreements

Boardeaser ensures that you have all the important documents and agreements in place and visualizes maturities and reminders.


Insight into the company’s key figures and development

Boardeaser collects data, structures, visualizes and extracts all KPIs and reports your board wants to see.


Reduced risk for company and members

Secure your work and reduce your personal risk through good insight and built-in control functionality.

Work professionally & efficiently with

Boardeaser Board Portal

Ensure that the board works efficiently and focuses on the right things.

  • Overview of all your board assignments in one place
  • Digital meeting documentation from agenda to signed protocol
  • Decision log and follow-up
  • Shared documents
  • To-do items
  • Reminders and weekly letters
  • Calendar files for meetings
  • Electronic signing of protocols
  • Gather all your board engagements in one place

Structure for documents and agreements

Boardeaser compiles important documents and agreements. Visualization and reminders provide an overview of the situation.

  • Compilation of important documents for your board
  • See who has read what and when documents need updating
  • Monitor maturity, liability and value of agreements
Automated business monitoring with

Boardeaser Business Intelligence

With our business monitoring services, you can automate and enhance the quality of financial reporting to the Board. CEO and CFO can spend time on value-creating activities and the board can ensure that the company is kept up to date, correct and relevant.


Secure Board work

The board handles sensitive material which makes security a very important issue. Boardeaser is built from the ground up with the highest possible level of security.

  • All data traffic is encrypted over SSL (SHA-256 with RSA encryption)
  • Files are encrypted with AES-256 and stored on AWS S3 in Ireland
  • Daily back-ups
  • Activity log and traceability
  • Internal eligibility levels
  • Isolated privileged zones
  • No sensitive information is sent by e-mail
  • The platform is based on proven and secure technologies

Reduced risk for board members

As board member you have a great responsibility and take on personal liability. Boardeaser helps you reduce that risk with good insights into the company’s finances and compliance.

  • Insight into the company’s financial position and development directly from the bookkeeping
  • Act quickly on negative discrepancies and trends
  • Check on tax payments and equity
  • Ensure that the company has all important documents and agreements in place and updated
  • Ensure that the company has all important agreements in place

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