The complete solution for corporate governance

Boardeaser offers a complete solution with digital board portal, reporting and compliance. We streamline the ongoing work and automate your reporting – you get the conditions for better decisions and more time for strategic company building.

Automatiserad rapportering

Digital board portal

Boardeaser’s board portal streamlines all parts of the board’s work. Smart functions, clear meeting processes, and an easy-to-use interface save you valuable working hours.

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Fast reporting to the board and investors.

Automate and improve the quality of reporting to the board and investors. The CEO and CFO save valuable time and the board gets easy access to insights and company development. Win-win.



Organize your contracts and documents

With Boardeaser, you easily structure and collect the documents and agreements that should be in place for a DD. Our help functions provide support to ensure that everything is in place and remind you when updates should be made.

Digitalt stöd för compliance

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