Full control of the portfolio companies

See how all of your portfolio companies are performing in one platform. Our tools provide an unbeatable overview and automate reporting from your portfolio companies and to your investors. Save time and create opportunities to act faster based on trends and insights.

browser som visar rapportering för investmentbolag

Reporting for all portfolio companies.

Our automation makes it easy for the CEO and CFO to report key figures that the board and investors are interested in. Get standardized reporting, regardless of which financial system your portfolio companies use.

Ekonomisk rapportering

Simplify reporting for your portfolio companies

This is how fast you automate your reporting

Step 1
Upload data

Easily import data from financial systems, and upload budgets and operational key figures from Excel or Google Sheets.

Step 2
Customize report templates

Build report templates in a few clicks! Choose from hundreds of standard graphs and tables or create your own.

Step 3
CEO report in 1 minute

Sync data monthly from your financial system – all dashboards and report templates are updated automatically.

Professional board portal.

Boardeaser’s Board Portal streamlines every aspect of your board’s work. Save valuable hours with smart features, clear meeting processes, and user-friendly interfaces.

Digital styrelseportal och rapportering

Order of documents and agreements.

Boardeaser helps you to compile the documents and agreements required for due diligence. Reminder functionality, checklists, and structured document management makes for organized portfolio companies.

Ekonomisk rapportering
portätt på medarbetare på investmentbolaget Luminar

Digital solution provides full control over all investments.

With Boardeaser’s financial solution, Luminar Ventuers can easily and quickly see the reality behind all the fine PowerPoints.

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