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Together with Jonas Forsberg, we have developed this guide to simplify your CEO reporting. It contains practical tips and everything you need to know.

Jonas Forsberg has a solid background where corporate governance and reporting is one of his main experts.

In this guide, he gives his best tips on how to succeed with your CEO reporting.

Among other things, you will find out:

  • Common challenges and pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • Tips on what your CEO report should contain

  • how to set up your report in the best way

  • what is good to consider when presenting it.

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About Jonas Forsberg

Jonas is CEO of Svanberg Factoring AB and and CFO of Svanberg Invest & Co. He also works actively with corporate governance in 5 subsidiaries, runs development projects and has a background as both a finance manager and IT consultant.

“In this guide, you will find out what needs to be included in your CEO report. What you should consider and how to create a report that is easy for everyone to absorb”