Connect Fortnox to Boardeaser

Fortnox streamlines your financial administration. Combine with Boardeaser and get instant insight into your data, without manual calculations. We offer cloud-based, automatic reporting and group consolidation – directly from your accounting. You can easily activate the connection to Fortnox with just a few clicks of a button.


Get all this – straight from your accounting

How it works

Only the necessary data is integrated

When you activate the integration, we connect to your data in Fortnox. We make only those connections that are necessary for the functionality of Boardeaser:

  • Archive location = loading files from Fortnox (invoices, attachments)
  • Bookkeeping = loading accounting from Fortnox
  • Invoice = load invoices from Fortnox
  • Settings = manage settings
  • Connect files = connect files to, for example, accounting (see Archive location)
  • Customer = identify customer by org number against invoice
  • Supplier = identify supplier via org. number against invoice
  • Supplier invoice = load supplier invoices from Fortnox

Easy to connect


You can easily activate the integration with Fortnox with a few clicks of a button.

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Our solutions

Customized, automatic reports

Quick and correct reports within only a minute per company – straight from your accounting system. Summarizing and at the same time detailed, always up-to-date with fresh data. Budget, forecast, KPI’s etc.

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Consolidation – in one minute per company

Manage reports for all companies in your business group, regardless what accounting system they use. Dashboards and consolidated report templates are automatically updated every month. Supports hundreds of subcompanies on different levels.

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Efficient and secure board work

Do you want to raise your corporate governance another level? Combine your reporting solution with our board portal. Cooperate in a structured manner and safe valuable time for all members. You go smoothly from agenda to e-signed protocol and archive in your secure document archive.

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“I get a wow feeling when I open Boardeaser and in one and the same view can see graphs of all our companies.”

Jacob Key

Jacob is a General Partner at the investment company Luminar Ventures. Hear him talk about how Boardeaser’s reporting tools give them quick visibility into their investments.

About Fortnox

Fortnox is a business platform that connects people, companies and organizations. We help companies start, grow and develop. With smart technical solutions and services, and the opportunity to connect them with hundreds of external parties, we are a hub for entrepreneurship in Sweden.

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