Automated financial analysis

Upload an accounting file from your financial system and Boardeaser will automatically present your data and key figures in intuitive and beautiful graphs and tables. Get budget proposals and automatically compare your results to your budget.

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Automatiserad rapportering

Quick reports that impress

With Boardeaser, you can deliver insightful and detailed reports that meet your board’s follow-up needs. All that’s required is an accounting file. Your data is automatically visualized in graphs, tables, and key figures that are easily compiled in our report templates.

Ekonomisk rapportering

Dashboard for quick overview

Boardeaser Financials gives your board insight into the company’s development and financial position. Pedagogically presented and accessible 24/7.

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Equity analysis
  • Checks and balances analysis
  • Analysis and control of tax payments
  • Outstanding customer invoices analysis
  • Average length of outstanding customer invoices
  • Development of cash liquidity
  • Solvency
  • Analysis of results compared to the budget
  • Development of profit margin
  • Analysis of sales against budget
  • Development of sales growth
  • Tax analysis
  • Analysis of results
  • Credit to customers
  • Distribution of customer invoices according to age
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Track trends over multiple years
  • View per day, week, month, quarter, and/or year
  • The mean of 3 and 12-month rolling periods
  • Multiple variations for each graph and table

Budget and forecast

After uploading your data into Boardeaser, you can export a budget template or budget proposal compatible with Excel. We automatically produce a budget informed by history and trends. Upload your budget and get an automatic reconciliation statement – monthly and accumulated.


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