Financial insights in one minute

Boardeaser Financials makes sure that the board has the relevant financial information of the organisation. In just one minute any board member can form an opinion of the finances and if any action is required.

Exhaustive analysis in five minutes

Board members can easily drill down and analyze the financial situation of the organisation with the exhaustive and educational financial analyses that Boardeaser provides.

Automated and simple

  • Fast and correct information straight from the accounts to the board
  • Supports all Swedish accounting software
  • Board members get reports in the same format from all organisations
  • A quick way for the CEO to write monthly reports, using our built-in templates
  • Easy (max 2 minutes) for the CFO to upload, frees up time
  • Board members can create their own reports
  • Wide array of pre-defined graphs, tables and key figures
  • Automatically share CEO reports with the auditor
  • Provide share holders with simplified yearly, quarterly or monthly reports
  • Possibility to inform your bank
  • A board member can see information from multiple organisations in one view
  • Educational guides to all graphs and reports
  • Cash flow report, profit-and-loss statement and balance sheet are automatically updated for all periods

Tailor-made analyses for your needs

Templates comes with included, but you can customize your own templates with the key figures that you want to track and are significant for your operations.

Profit-and-loss statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Equity analysis
Analyses and control of paid taxes
Invoicing analysis
Analysis of invoicing durations

Liquidity tendencies
Cash flow compared to budget
Margins compared to budget
Revenue analysis compared to budget
Revenue growth
Outturn analysis

Estimated credit durations
Invoices grouped by age
Cash flow analysis
Trends spanning several years
Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly graph resolutions
Rolling 3 and 12 month averages
Multiple variations of every graph and table

Price list

Pricing is set depending on the turnover for the company’s last fiscal year

Turnover Price per month
Less than 10 MSEK 199 SEK
10-20 MSEK 499 SEK
20-49 MSEK 799 SEK
50-99 MSEK 1.499 SEK
100-250 MSEK 1.999 SEK
above 250 MSEK Quote

All prices without VAT

This add-on requires Boardeaser Board Portal and is billed annually.

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