Personal dashboard

This view puts you as member of the board in the center and summarizes everything you are expected to do and read in all your boards on a dashboard. Here you find

  • All your up-coming meetings in all your boards.
  • All documents you are expected to read before a meeting.
  • All your to-dos in every board including deadlines.
  • If you have certain meeting related tasks, for instance as secretary or reviewer.

The board room

This view is the center of the board and its work, and gives an overview for all active meetings.

  • See where in the process a meeting is now, from scheduled to archived.
  • Information on who has updated the minutes.
  • Information on who has adjusted and commented.
  • Quick links to editing and comments.

Meeting process

Time & place
Set time and place for the meeting, you can also send a calendar file at this stage so that board members can add it to their calendars.

Use one of our templates, add extra items and attach documents. You can also set time estimates on every item.

Invite to the meeting
Call to a meeting when the agenda is ready including external persons that need to attend.

Check who is present at the meeting, choose secretary and reviewer. Then write minutes based on the agenda and specify decisions and to-dos that are automatically saved in the system.

When the secretary is done writing minutes they are sent to the reviewer who can comment on the minutes. Other board members can also comment.

Approve and sign
The final step is to approve and sign the minutes, either with a pen or e-signature.

Standard phrases

Write minutes faster than ever with pre-defined phrases, this also harmonises your terminology. Build a library of phrases that you use often or use what we have added from the start. When you start writing a sentence the system suggests a wording from your library.

You can also write suggestions to the minutes on the agenda and just approve these on the meeting.


Getting things done is important. Boardeaser makes sure that everyone on the board does what is required and that you reach the goals of your board work.

  • Assign to-dos from minutes or on the tab ”To-dos”
  • Specify the task, who is responsible and deadline.
  • Reminders are sent from the system five days before the deadline or if the deadline passed and the to-do wasn’t checked as done.
  • Overview for all the to-dos of the board along with your personal to-dos on your personal overview.

Decisions and decision follow-up

The most important task of any board is to make decisions and see them executed. This is easier than before with the help of Boardeser’s easy overview of made decisions.

  • Specify every decision that the board makes directly when writing minutes, including who is responsible and deadline.
  • All decisions are listed on the tab called Decisions, where you can see and change the status of every made decision.
  • You have the possibility to change and track the status (Not started, In progress, Done, Approved, Down prioritized, Deleted, Archived) and comment on every decision.
  • It is also possible to export a list of decision as PDF or Excel.

Shared documents

It is important that the board always has access to relevant documents to fulfill its role. Documents in Boardeaser gives you the possibility to:

  • Create folders and sub-folders.
  • Change order with drag-and-drop.
  • Send a notification to all or some of the members of the board.
  • See who has read what.
  • The possibility to export files and folders as a zip-file.
  • See all documents attached to the agenda in the automatically sorted folders.

Contact book

With the shared contact book the board members quickly finds contact information to the others board members and other important persons, like the auditor and management.

  • Fields for name, address, e-mail, phone number, title, photo, description, social media accounts.
  • There is also a possibility to attach documents to contacts.


The board deals with sensitive information which makes the security very important. We work hard to keep the highest level of security as possible. Specification:

  • All data traffic is encrypted with SSL (SHA-256 with RSA encryption)
  • Files encrypted with AES-256 and stores on AWS S3 on Ireland
  • Daily back-ups saved on Heroku
  • Activity log and traceability
  • Internal permission levels
  • Isolated permission zones
  • Secure E-signatures with our partner Assently

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