Board- and CEO-evaluation

To regularly evaluate the work, functioning and cooperation of the CEO and the Board is essential for maintaining long-term high quality board work and thus successfully building companies.

With Boardeaser you get a simple, easily accessible and fast tool to annually make CEO and board evaluations. It’s easy to optionally connect an external consultant for board development through one of Boardeaser’s partners.

Fast, easy and high quality

  • Multiple CEO and board evaluation templates
  • Acclaimed templates from Almi, Styrelsekollegiet med flera
  • Editor to create your own questions, answers and templates
  • Supports confidential surveys and questions
  • Supports mandatory surveys and questions
  • Automatic distribution and collection
  • Reminders
  • Automatic compilation
  • Automatic report generation
  • Editor to create reports based on the results
  • Supports external consultants
  • Automatic archiving of CEO- and board evaluations

Fast, simple and flexible

1. New evaluation

Create your own template or use one of our professional ones

2. Edit questions

Edit, add och remove questions

3. Distribute

Send the evaluation to the board member who can log in and fill out the form.

4. Create report

Boardeaser collects all answers in a nice pdf-report, with graphs and statistics.

An amazing price

  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Two templates from the start
  • Free support

199 SEK

Per board and month

This add-on requires Boardeaser Basic and is billed annually

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