Efficient board work

Boardeaser is a cloud service that helps boards to structure, simplify and become efficient of their work.


Greater transparency and insight into the organization and its economy.

Get things done

Built-in follow-up of decisions and responsibilities of decisions and to-dos.

Order & structure

Structured meeting process and document structure, and follow-up of these.

Higher security and reduced risk

Encrypted data traffic and storage means reduced risk for you as board member.

Boardeaser and add-on features

The add-on features create an extra edge for board members with insights, analysis, compilations and follow-ups.

Boardeaser streamlines, leads and simplifies for the board member without limiting.



With Boardeaser’s cloud solution you get a quick overview of everything you are expected to do in your boards.

Included in the basic subscription is a quick and efficient meeting process, decision tracking, document storage, to-dos, contact book and many more features.

Gather all the information of your board and streamline your board work today!

Price: 499 SEK /Per board and month
Billed annually


Boardeaser Economic Insights beta

With Boardeaser Economic Insights you can automate and raise the quality on the financial reporting to the board.

Create a dashboard from templates or from scratch with your own key figures, graphs, reports and the financial data that is important to your company.

Export a SIE-file from your accounting software and import it to Boardeaser and you will see a clear and educational presentation.

Price from: 199 SEK* /Per board and month
*Price is depending on revenue. Billed anually.


Boardeaser CEO Report beta

With Boardeaser CEO Reports you will write a good report to the board easier and faster, it will also be more comprehensive and easier for the board to read.

Price: 199 SEK /Per board and month
Billed anually


Boardeaser E-sign

Electronic signatures of minutes and other documents. The integration with Boardeaser’s meeting process automatically stores the signed minutes in the document archive.

Price: 199 SEK /Per board and month
Billed anually


Boardeaser Evaluation

Make it easy to create board and CEO-evaluations from templates or with your own questions. Collect answers, automatically compile and distribute a report. Tools for commenting and editing the report that is automatically stored in the documents archive.

Price: 199 SEK /Per board and month
Billed anually

Basic Features

We strive to develop features and services that simplifies and make sure that you can focus on the right things. These are the comprehensive features that are included in Boardeaser Basic

Personal dashboard

Get informed on upcoming meetings and everything you are expected to read and do in all your boards.

Decisions and follow-up

Set responsibilities, change status and comment on every decision that the board takes.

Required time

Make sure the meeting time is used as efficiently as possible by setting time estimates for every agenda item.

Shared documents

Make sure that the board always has access to important documents.

To-dos and contract management

Get control of what everybody on the board is expected to do and when. As an example you can set a to-do for when a contract expires.

Contact book

Gather all important contacts in one shared contact book.

Efficient meeting process

Create an agenda, call to meetings, write minutes, review and sign with just a few clicks. Easy to overview and very efficient!

Deadlines & reminders

Boardeaser makes sure that everybody comes prepared and informed to meetings.

Encrypted and secure

All traffic and file storage is encrypted for the highest level of security.

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