Perform your own due diligence before accepting being a member of the board.

Lower your personal risk before
accepting being a member of the board.
With Boardeaser you can do your own
Due Diligence of the company.

Taking a board assignment involves a great responsibility but also a high personal risk. It is therefore important to do your own due diligence on the company before accepting a boarding seat.

With Boardeaser you can get a full analysis of the company’s financial position and how the company behaved historically. This with just a few button clicks and completely free! Read below how to do it.


Ask for the release of SIE4-files from the book-keeping of the Board. SIE4 is a Swedish file format that contains accounting data and can be exported from any financial system. With this data, Boardeaser can analyze the company’s financial position and show history, key ratios and development. Boardeaser has the highest possible security and no SIE4 files are stored longer than your account.

Create a free account
Click here and create a free Boardeaser account. When registering your organization account, enter the promotional code “DD for member”.

Upload financial information
Go to “Boardroom” and click the “Economy” tab. Here you upload the SIE4 files you have received (you get one file per fiscal year, we recommend uploading files from 2-3 years back in time). Once you have uploaded the first file, click the “File Management” button in the top right corner and then click “Upload sie4 file” to upload the other files.

Overview of the company’s development
Click back to the “Economy” tab. Here you will find a series of graphs and reports. Here you can, for example, see:

How the company’s equity is and has been historical and whether the company has been a balance sheet.
See how the company handled tax payments
See how the company’s liquidity looks and has been historical
See development for eg results, turnover etc.
Under the “Performance Report” tab, you can gain a deeper insight into historical account-level results. Under the “Balance Sheet” tab you will see the current and historical balance sheet.

Ask the right questions
Now you have the basis and a very good overview of the company’s financial position and can put the right questions to management / board. You can also enter the assignment with good insight into the company’s development.

Enter the “DD for board member” when registering.

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