Financial overview and professional board work

Give your company more opportunity for growth. With professional board work and ongoing follow-up of financial status, you can take control of development. As a corporate customer of Danske Bank, we offer you the services of Boardeaser at a favorable price.

Boardeaser is a cloud service with board portal, reporting, group consolidation and governance – in the same platform.

Erbjudande till kunder hos Danske Bank

Our offer to you as a customer of Danske Bank

Completely free of charge and without connections, you get:

Board portal – 6 months

Group consolidation – 6 months
One hour of help with set-up included.

Financial analysis – 12 months
Automated analysis with report template. Developed by experts to quickly give you insight into your business.

Digital share register – 4 years
Flexible share register with clear cap table, owner list and transaction history.

Terms & Conditions
As a customer, you sign an agreement directly with Boardeaser and the offer only applies to new customers. Additional consulting help for set-up is offered in dialogue between the customer and Boardeaser. After the end of the offer, the following applies: Board portal: 30% discount on regular price for 12 months. Group consolidation: 30% discount on the regular price for 12 months. Also applies to eliminations. Danske Bank Ekonomianalys: 30% discount on the regular price for 12 months.

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How Boardeaser provides overview and full control

Boardeaser simplifies your board work and automates your financial analyses. We automatically produce, for example, budget and performance reports. Danske Bank’s advisors get access to fresh and in-depth decision-making data – with better conditions to support your business going forward.

Board Portal

Get a quick overview with the status of all meetings, to-dos and structured meeting process. Read more here.


Boardeaser visualizes your accounting in clear graphs and tables. Instant overview in dashboards. Read more here.

Group Consolidation

Complete, automated consolidation that saves hours. Minimizes the risk of human error. Read more here.


Support to structure the documentation required for compliance. Easy to keep up to date. Read more here.

“We have received the system support we so badly need to be able to work efficiently and professionally.”

Henric Carlsson

Henric is CEO of the Omilon Group. Hear him talk about how Boardeaser’s tools simplify his everyday life.


Answers to questions about the offer

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about what the service means for you as a corporate customer of Danske Bank.

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Pär Haga, vd på Boardeaser

Pär Haga, CEO Boardeaser

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