Create a free budget proposal in 5 minutes

Get a budget proposal based
on your accounts and financial history

Creating a budget can be time consuming and complicated. With Boardeaser you can get a free budget proposal in a flexible excel format to customize what you want.

You upload your accounting data with a sie4-file. Based on this file / files, Boardeaser creates a budget proposal that you download in Excel format. The proposal is based on last year’s income statement, calculated on the basis of a certain percentage growth. If you change the percentage of growth, all figures in the budget will be updated. You can also edit the budget for each account and month as well as add or remove accounts.

Get a budget proposal in 3 easy steps:

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  1. Go to the tab “Economy” and upload your accounting data in form of a SIE4-file (Swedish accounting software only). E.g. a SIE4-file for the fiscal year 2017.
  2. Click on the tab “File management” to the right
  3. Click “Export” and then “Budget suggestion”

Congratulations! You now have a budget proposal to work with in Excel.

Automatic monthly follow-up of budget with Boardeaser

When done, upload the budget file to Boardeaser. The Economy tab will show the budget in the performance report along with the outcome and you can continuously match the figures during the year. Have you uploaded several years of SIE4-files, as are previous years’ results.

Report to the Board:

Are you responsible for reporting to the board? The Reports add-on allows you to quickly create reports based on key financial ratios. Include the performance report in full or summary version, so the budget will be included for each month. Comment on the latest figures and future developments for the Board.

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