This Cookie Policy describes how Boardeaser AB, organization number 556930-6664 with address Götgatan 55, 116 21 Stockholm (“Boardeaser”, “we” or “us”) use cookies when you are visiting our website ( and related sub-domains) (“Website”).

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the memory on your computer or mobile device when you are visiting our website. Cookies help a web supplier to identify your device and/or your web browser the next time you are visiting a Website, give access to specific functionality on the Website and/or profile your browsing pattern. There are other types of technologies like pixel-tags, trackers and similar techniques that work in the same way as cookies. To avoid misunderstandings, we will in this Cookie Policy use the term “cookies” for cookies specifically and similar technology.

2. What kind of cookies do we use? 

We are using the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies are strictly necessary to make it possible for you to browse the Website and to use it’s functionality. The Website will not be able to function without these cookies. For strictly necessary cookies we don’t need your consent since they provide services you have specifically requested and could not be provided otherwise.

Function cookies – These cookies are necessary to some of the Website’s functions and allow the Website to remember your choices, like your username, language or the region you are in. Some parts of the Website may not function correctly without these cookies. It may be so that these cookies are automatically accepted by your web browser and that you can adjust the use of these cookies through your web browser settings.

Statistics and marketing cookies – These cookies are used to track you during your visit on the Website to show relevant marketing to you as a user. It may be so that these cookies are automatically accepted by your web browser and that you can adjust the use of these cookies through your web browser settings.

3. Information about our cookies

On our Website we use the following cookies for the following purposes, click here.

4. Your consent to our use of cookies

By clicking “I accept” on our cookie-banner on our Website you consent to the use of our cookies.

You can choose to allow or block some or all cookies, with the exception of strictly necessary cookies. You can customize your selection by clicking “Customize” in our cookie-banner. In most web browsers there are also settings for cookie management. You can for example choose to block or delete cookies in the web browser settings. Generally you should also be able to manage similar technologies through the web browser settings. How you manage your cookies varies from browser to browser. Most browsers have separate instructions on how to manage cookies. For cookies that are already saved in the browser and your devices you can choose to delete these in the same way in the browser settings.

Since cookies are saved to your device and to the web browser that you use to visit the Website, you must manage cookies separately on all your devices that you use to visit a Website.

5. Personal data processing through cookies

In accordance with the table above we have the following purposes and legal basis för personal data processing through cookies:

(a) Performance and functionality. We analyze the performance of the Website and design to identify errors. Personal data that is processed within the scope of this purpose is based on the balancing of interests to be able to provide a functioning service.

(b) Marketing. We process some personal data such as IP-address to track you when visiting the Website to be able to show relevant marketing for you as a user. Personal data being processed within the scope for this purpose is based on a legitimate interest to offer relevant marketing.

If you want to read more about your rights and how we process your personal data you can read our Privacy Policy here.

6. Contact us

If you have questions regarding our Cookie Policy you can contact us here: