Make sure you are 100% Compliant

Compliance simplifies for the board and CEO to fulfill its responsibilities. This increases the value of the business and at Due Diligence, all documents are already in place. Compliance is part of Boardeaser’s Board Portal.

Keep important documents and deals in order

  • Easy to see if documents are ok over time
  • Easy to understand which documents to follow
  • Facilitates collection and maintenance of quality
  • Automatically structured documents
  • Considerable time saving at Due Diligence
  • Proposals for documents and agreements based on your business
  • Displays both recommendations and legal requirements
  • Add your own documents to the list
  • Greenmark in the list by uploading the document
  • Specify responsibilities and permissions per document
  • Set lifetime with reminders
  • See who in the board read what
    document history
  • E-sign agreements and approve documents with Boardeaser E-sign

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