Efficient board administration

Boardeaser is a board portal that facilitates
board work and governance in your company group

Streamline the governance of subsidiaries

Boardeaser streamlines board work and administration in boards with active board work as well as paper boards. We can offer a good package price and create efficient management of the Group in one place.


Efficient board work with the Boardeaser Board Portal

With Boardeaser’s board portal, your companies can work efficiently and professionally.


Efficient management of paper boards

Produce minutes from board and shareholder meetings and gather all manage all your boards in one place.


Recurrent reports from subsidiaries

Get high quality reports with KPIs, without taking time from the CEO and CFO.



Ensure that all subsidiaries have important documents and contracts in order.

Work professionally and efficiently with

Boardeaser Board Portal

Ensure that the Group’s boards work efficiently so that focus is on making the right decisions for the future.

  • Overview of all your board assignments in one place
  • Digital meeting documentation from agenda to signed protocol
  • Decision log and follow-up
  • Shared documents
  • To-do items
  • Reminders and weekly letters
  • Calendar files for meetings
  • Electronic signing of protocols
  • Gather all your board engagements in one place
Boardeaser paper board

Efficient management of subsidiaries

With Boardeaser you can manage corporate formalities quickly and efficiently for all your companies in the group.

  • Create template for minutes and use in all companies in the group. Create unique minutes for each company with just a few clicks.
  • E-sign minutes from board meetings and AGMs
  • Gather all documents, signed minutes and other corporate formalities in one place
  • Share to auditors and other stakeholders
  • Advanced access management

Boardeaser offers a great price as paper boards do very little actual board work:

Only 99 SEK per paper board and month (valid when buying 5 accounts or more). With the add-on E-Sign: 199 SEK per paper board and month. Price excl. VAT.

Get recurring reports from subsidiaries with

Boardeaser Business Intelligence

With just one login, you’ll get updated on exactly how all companies in the group perform. Standardized reports regardless of financial system make it easy for CEO and CFO tp report.

  • Boardeaser automatically visualizes KPIs directly from the bookkeeping
  • Compare results with budget and previous year
  • Tools for creating and distributing reports (such as CEO Report)
  • Create and distribute templates to your portfolio companies
  • Define your own KPIs in Excel and upload
  • Create your own key figures and graphs
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Social Media

Compliance and Due Diligencesupport

Boardeaser helps each company deal with important documents and agreements. With Boardeaser all companies in the group will always be ready for a due diligence process.

  • Customized checklists for each company with documents and contracts that should be in place
  • Possibility to create custom checklists for your portfolio companies
  • Check if documents are available, has been read and are updated.
  • Keep track of all important agreements with Boardeaser Contracts

High security and low risk

We know that your information is sensitive and have because of this built Boardeaser with highest security in mind from the start.

  • All data traffic and file storage are encrypted
  • Internal credentials
  • Activity log for all events in the system
  • No sensitive information is sent by e-mail
  • NDAs and Protected Data Policies in place

Low board member risk

  • Analysis of paid taxes and equity reduces the member’s personal risk
  • Qualitative and in-depth financial reports each month
  • Forecast of liquidity and cash flow
  • The Board can act quickly on deviations and negative trends

Request a demo or ask for a quote

Whether you are a small association or a listed company, Boardeaser can be tailored to suit your needs. You are welcome to hear from you and describe how what you needs are and we will come back with solution suggestions.

We are happy to demonstrate Boardeaser with a demo on-site or via Skype / phone, depending on where you are located. Write us a message in the form on the right and will get back to you!

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