The TEG Group achieved a forward oriented workstyle with Boardeaser

About TEG AB

TEG – Transport Entreprenad Gotland is the collective name for the group, which consists of the parent company TEG AB and the five subsidiaries Bingers Mekan AB, Gotlands Bilfrakt AB, Gotlands Åkericentral AB, Translast Transport AB and TEG Förvaltning och Fastigheter AB.

TEG was founded in 2010 and the idea is to own, coordinate and develop market-leading companies in Transport and Construction on Gotland.

The Group operates on Gotland. The business is characterized by business acumen, sustainability, development, coordination and local responsibility.

When Per Vinberg stepped in as Chairman of the Board and as CEO of the TEG Group, he wanted to modernize and streamline board work through digitalization. In addition, he got more commitment, better structure and higher quality of reporting.

The board's work lacked structure and efficiency

The Group handled all its board work via paper and email when Per Vinberg stepped into the company 6 years ago. The administrative work was complicated, took an unnecessary amount of time and the board work lacked structure. The company used Excel for its reporting and printed everything in paper format that was then distributed to the board.

The information the board took part of was often out of date, or even incorrect as it was difficult to keep track of which document was the latest. Managing minutes, signings and invitations to meetings was complicated and took time.

It was also difficult to quickly get a financial overview, which meant that the content of board meetings tended to revolve around other than what was actually of importance.

Solution that supports the entire board work

Per quickly realized that there were great opportunities for improvement regarding the Group’s board work. He began to look for a solution that could support and simplify the work of the board. The choice ultimately fell on Boardeaser as the setup was exactly what he was looking for. The solution handled both the administrative aspects of the board work as well as automated and visualized reporting, all in one and the same platform.

– Today we work in a completely different way than we did 5 years ago. A lot has changed with us. This, together with Boardeaser’s solution, has meant completely different opportunities and improved working methods for us, says Per Vinberg.

Digitalization has led to structure and a higher level of commitment

Today, TEG uses Boardeaser’s entire product range, board portal, reporting and consolidation and has thus digitized the entire Group’s board work.

” The summons, agenda and minutes work incredibly smoothly and I no longer have to spend any time on this. Everyone on the board can easily give their opinion and make comments. Boardeaser has created a much greater commitment and participation, in a way that was not possible before, Per says.

When Per introduced the new tools, he received a lot of appreciation from the board.

” Now everything is gathered in one place, you can go in and look at relevant data at any time. There are no papers to keep track of and there is no longer any uncertainty about what information is the latest. Functions that the rest of the board appreciates very much.

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“Now we have a higher quality of our board work and are an effective support for the entire organization. Boardeaser means that the company has the ability to control its own future”

Per Vinberg

Group CEO and Chairman of the Board at TEG


Higher level of their board meetings

Analyses of the economic situation of TEG are now carried out completely automatically. It saves time, minimizes the risk of errors and provides a lightning-fast overview.

As chairman of the board, I show the graphs that Boardeaser’s solution generates at our meetings. The visualization allows everyone to quickly and easily understand what the situation looks like. The discussions are now on a completely different level, we are discussing things that were previously not even possible. It is a great support during the meetings with the board, says Per.

The reporting solution has made it not only easier to have discussions within the board but also with the CEOs of the other companies. Per continues;

As for the reporting, it is not even comparable to before when we used Excel, visualization was then completely missing and it was not possible to get an overview. Our CEOs can now easily create professional CEO reports based on the template developed with all key figures. The only thing they need to add is text.

Trends enable forward-looking work

Per believes that the most important use of Boardeaser is the forward-looking work that the solution enables. The ability to predict how things will go going forward. Boardeaser secures effective trend spotting. Graphs do, what tables in Excel can’t handle, to show credible trends over time.

Being able to quickly and easily see, over time, how trends have varied, strengthens me when I discuss budgets with the group’s various CEOs. Naturally, they always want to keep the budget down. Now I can substantiate my reasoning with clear facts and thus feel a completely different security if I want to force up the forecast or budgets.

The visualization with graphs and trends means that TEG can always be at the forefront and can easily look at different scenarios.

The future scouting means that we do not have to be taken by surprise. We can discuss questions such as, what happens if we continue to increase turnover in this way, what consequences might there be, do we need to hire more staff or reallocate resources? Issues that we previously were unable to discuss as it was too complex to produce data that could be overviewed.

” We have received a much higher quality of our board work and we can now be an effective support for the entire organization. Boardeaser means that the company has the ability to control its own future, says Per.

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Easy to get started with Boardeaser

Per feels that Boadeaser is tailored to simplify, improve and streamline board work. They have now got a modern board work with good structure and effective reporting that helps them run the company successfully.

Getting started with the tool was easy and Boardeaser is always close at hand if questions or problems arise. When he has seen things that have not worked, Boardeaser has been very quick to respond and fix both bugs and pure development issues.

It’s fun with such a committed and fast response, concludes Per Vinberg.

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