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About eEducation Albert

Albert was started by childhood friends Arta Mandegari and Salman Eskandari who studied at Chalmers in Gothenburg. They volunteered, evenings and weekends, in offering free math help to children from the suburbs of Gothenburg.

In 2015, they resigned from their jobs and put everything on the line to create what would become Albert.

Albert started with a clear goal – to democratize knowledge through technology.


In connection with the acquisition of a foreign subsidiary, Martin Dahlgren, Head of Finance at eEducation Albert, went from working in Excel to using Boardeaser’s tool for group consolidation.

Previously, Martin had used Excel for the company’s group consolidation, but in connection with Q1 2022, he felt that he needed a system support. The Group now consisted of several companies, one of which was foreign and more business-driven than the Swedish subsidiary.

With different currencies and a lot going on, it would now take too long to do the consolidation in Excel.

Using Boardeaser’s system for group consolidation provides security, streamlines work and creates time for more value-creating processes and jobs,” says Martin.

Tight deadline required quick set-up

When it was time for eEducation Albert to start using a system support for consolidation, Martin needed a tool that was quick to implement, understand and get started with. To get the quarter together effectively, he needed something right away.

I thought Boardeaser’s tool felt brilliant. It’s very affordable and efficient, and it was very quick to get started with.

I needed a system that I could get started with right away to get my quarter together efficiently, and Boardeaser was very quick in the set,” says Martin.

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“Tools feel brilliant. It’s very affordable, efficient, and it was very quick to get started with it.”

Martin Dahlgren

Head of Finance at eEducation Albert

More stability and less risk

With the help of the system, the company’s consolidation has become more secure. It is easier to quickly see if things are correct and reconciliations, depreciation of excess values and much more happen automatically. This reduces the risk of manual errors, which Martin feels contributes to feeling confident that the consolidation is correct.

I think Boardeaser’s product is great. The system can handle complexity and at the same time is very intuitive. In addition, it is possible to integrate with, among other things, Fortnox, which we use for our Swedish companies, so I get all my files just by pressing a button.

A positive effect on the company as a whole

Using the system for the company’s consolidation has freed up more time for both Martin and the organization at large. It has also become easier to focus on the right things and more value-creating processes.

With Boardeaser, the time spent on administrative work has become much less, and the work with consolidated financial statements and group consolidation is now much faster.

I read before that you can consolidate in just one minute, and that’s actually true! It is very fast and smooth, which enables, among other things, more efficient and more continuous reconciliations.

Previously, I consolidated once a quarter but now I do it once a month. It no longer feels like a project to do itMartin says.

A system to grow with

eEducation Albert needed a system that not only meets the needs they have today but will also work long-term and meet future needs.

Our consolidation will grow over time and therefore I wanted a system that can grow in. I feel like Boardeaser is really that kind of system, despite being much more price-friendly than competitors I’ve talked toMartin says.

Today, the company also receives support and quick feedback when they need it. The support team at Boardeaser is always available to find solutions when any problems arise.

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