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Jonas Forsberg, CFO at Svanberg & Co

We got away from the Excel swamp

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Svanberg & Co. Invest

Svanberg Investments is a family-owned and rapidly growing investment company with an investment focus on niche companies in an unlisted and listed environment.

Svanberg & Co. Invest currently has 24 companies in its portfolio in animal care, foodtech, greentech, life science, travel and software.


Boardeaser’s report solution ensures that the board of Svanberg & Co. Invest has the information they need to be able to make the right decisions and act with the speed that their business requires. Their CEOs and CFOs are also very grateful that they now avoid the hassle of various Excel documents.

– We got started with Boardeaser very easily, without any major challenges. The CEOs and their finance managers literally tore it out of our hands as they were eager to get away from the Excel swamp,” says Jonas Forsberg.

Jonas Forsberg is CFO of Svanberg & Co. Invest. He is responsible for all reporting, how all the CEOs of their various companies report to the board and how to get and deliver the financial report on which the board will make its decisions.

Svanberg & Co. Invest are unique in the sense that they are run and owned by an entrepreneur, which clearly permeates the entire business. The decision paths are very short and it is fast between idea, decision and action. The Board therefore wants and needs to continuously receive a lot of information regarding day-to-day operations in order to be able to act both correctly and quickly.

– Having a reliable tool that can handle this effectively is key, it must not go wrong. Keeping up with different Excel sheets quickly becomes complicated and messy,” says Jonas Forsberg. He continues.

– With Boardeaser, we have moved away from the Excel swamp and our CEOs can convey their information to the board, easily, neatly, securely and in a way that is not too time-consuming.

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“Now we have good decision support that facilitates and streamlines for our board, our CEOs and our CFOs.”

Jonas Forsberg

CFO at Svanberg & Co

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We have got calmer and happier CEOs and CFOs

– Making a monthly financial statement in ten days requires some work. First, you have to get the result and the data must be transferred from the financial statement program to Excel. Then the CEO will very quickly make a summary and write a report, says Jonas Forsberg.

– With Boardeases, this time shrinks significantly. In addition, you can work in parallel with the numbers on one page and the report itself on another.

– Creating a professional report is also much faster. You could say that this time of reporting that CEOs never have, it’s been conjured away.

The best reporting tool

Jonas Forsberg has over the years tested many different tools and is licensed to work in several different programs for reporting and analysis. He believes that Boardeaser’s solution is among the absolute best reporting tools he has worked in.

– In their solution, I can quickly create the reports and graphs that I need. Then they are automatically updated when new data comes in.

– Boardeaser solves so many problems. I can look at the income statement, do “drill-downs” right down to the transactions and see the economy in trends over years. Most financial systems can’t handle it or make it much worse.

– But by far the biggest effect is a little calmer and happier CEOs and CFOs at all our companies, concludes Jonas Forsbe

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