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Henric Carlsson, CEO of Omilongruppen

Smart system support means that Omilon does not need to expand its administration


Omilon Group

Omilon means “he who speaks“. Omilon’s business concept is based on freeing up time for its customers through advanced products in dictation and speech recognition. Whether you are a doctor, social worker or police officer, time should be spent on activities that create value. In the meeting with a patient, with a vulnerable family or patrolling the community.

It is with pride that Omilon helps socially important functions to make a difference, for real.


Time saving and a simplification of organizational complexity are some of the advantages that Henric Carlsson, CEO of the Omilon Group, sees after almost seven years with Boardeaser.

The business concept of the Omilon Group is based on freeing up time for the hard-pressed healthcare sector. Their tools and applications are all aimed at reducing administrative time in healthcare. Those who use the application such as doctors, nurses and assistant nurses get more time to devote to direct patient contact instead of spending unnecessary time on, for example, writing medical records.

Saves both time and resources

Boardeaser simplifies the complexity of Omilon’s organization. By helping them free up time and resources, they can focus on developing and improving their core business.

“If it hadn’t been for Boardeaseser, I don’t know how we would have effectively solved the work on consolidated financial statements, financial reporting and our entire board work,” says CEO Henric Carlsson.

“I want us to have full focus on our core business. Our group has grown strongly and we had finally come to the discussion that we need more people in finance and administration. That is by no means our real focus. Boardeaser’s solution has meant that we completely avoid this.

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“We have received the system support that we so badly need to be able to work efficiently and professionally”.

Henric Carlsson

Henric is CEO of the Omilon Group

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Growth places demands on structure

The collaboration began already in 2014-2015 when Omilon implemented Boardeaser in one of its companies, after which Omilon has grown strongly both organically and through several acquisitions. Through Boardeaser’s smart applications, reporting modules and integrations to existing systems, Omilon’s growth has been able to take place without them having to expand their administration.

” Our rapid growth has required us to structure processes and flows as efficiently as possible, Boardeaser has always kept up with our growth journey.

We started by simplifying the board work, the board portal was the central thing. But as we’ve grown, we’ve added other modules and features from Boardeaser. We have received the system support we so badly need to be able to work efficiently and professionally, says Henric Carlsson.

Simplifies consolidated financial statements

Today, Henric Carlsson thinks that by far the biggest profit lies in the consolidated financial statements. He believes that they would never have got the consolidated financial statements and reporting together so quickly and easily between the countries in which they currently operate without Boardeaser’s system support.

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