Jacob Key, General Partner at Luminar Ventures

Digital solution gives us quick visibility into all our investments

portätt på medarbetare på investmentbolaget Luminar

Luminar Ventures

Luminar Ventures private equity firm operating in Sweden.

They focus their investments on startups in the tech sector. Startups, who genuinely want to change an industry with the help of digital technology and innovation.

Luminar Ventures not only provides financing but also active operational support to Sweden-based technology companies that are in the early stages. Together they lay the foundation for future expansion.

For the investment company Luminar Ventures, it is business critical to be able to quickly and easily follow their investments in real time in order to quickly be able to make the right decisions and act.

Luminar Ventures is a larger investor, a so-called lead investor and can therefore set requirements to access in-depth information about the companies.

Luminar wants the information to be easily accessible and in the same format so that they can quickly make an assessment of the company.

– I get a WOW feeling when I open Boardeaser and in one and the same view can see graphs of all our companies, I can compare revenue, number of customers or how we are doing against set KPIs.

“It gives me a quick overview of the dynamics of the entire portfolio, in one place,” says Jacob Key, General Partner at Luminar Ventures.

Jacob Key, who is a General Partner, is responsible for all investments, looking for companies and meeting with founders. Together with founders, he tries to find a common vision and decides whether to invest or not. Once the investment is made, Luminar helps to advance the common vision for the company.

We can see the reality behind all the nice PowerPoints

As an Investor, it is important to be able to see the reality behind all the nice PowerPoints. If you lack a good solution, there is a great risk that you will get a lot of information in a variety of formats that you then have to sit full-time to interpret to get reliable data that it is possible to make decisions on.

– We invest in many different companies and constantly need to keep a close eye on how the different companies are actually doing in order to be able to deploy the right resources at the right time.

– Boardeaser is a great tool for us investors, the tool ensures that we get all the information in a similar format and that it quickly and easily gives us a truthful insight into what reality looks like.

“The tool shows us both the important KPIs in the various companies, but also hard financial figures,” says Jacob Key.

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“I get a WOW feeling when I open Boardeaser and in one and the same view can see graphs of all our companies.”

Jacob Key

Jacob Key is General Partner at Luminar Ventures

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Are you an investor and want to know how Boardeaser can make things easier for you?

Book a video meeting with us, and we will show you the portal’s functions and our different subscriptions. Completely free of charge and without connections.

Saves time while quickly gaining insights to act on

Luminar and all their portfolio companies have quickly got started with Boardeaser and all its tools. When a new investment is made, there is a smooth onboarding that has been developed together with Boardeaser. Luminar is very keen that the portfolio companies and founders should work with the same tools and that they start using them as quickly as possible.

– As investors, we have an incredible benefit from Boardeaser, the tools make it easier for us to get qualitative insights to quickly act on, about our potential or current investments.

Before Boardeaser, we needed to spend a lot of time getting information in and then interpreting it correctly in order to be able to make an assessment of the situation, says Jacob Key

– Our founders also place a very great value on the tool as they, among other things, use it to communicate effectively and professionally to all their investors and it facilitates and speeds up the process if, for example, they need to ask an investor for more money as the investor already has a very good insight into the development of the company in question.

Credible decision-making data that saves time

Boardeaser has given Luminar Ventures a close eye on all their investments without having to spend a lot of unnecessary time, they know all the time how things are going and what we need to do to maximize the results of their investments.

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