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About Hans Sollerman

Hans Sollerman
is an entrepreneur who has started 6 companies and sold his latest company e-man AB to Finnish Enfo in 2017. Hans continued to work at Enfo and became executive vice president for one of the largest business units within Enfo, Application!

He left Enfo in 2019 and became a board professional and investor. Currently serves on 10 boards and chairs 7 of them.

Hans loves to support and challenge people he meets and is happy to share his experience, knowledge and network.

Shortly after board professional Hans Sollerman was asked to sit on Örebro University’s board, he was commissioned to find a board portal and a platform for the board’s work. He did an analysis of the market, looked at several players and finally chose Boardeaser.

Today, our platform is used not only for Örebro University’s board, but also for several (more precisely, almost all) of the other boards that Hans is a member of.

I recommended Boardeaser to several of the other companies where I sat on the board, and everyone was delighted! Now we have everything gathered in one place so that everyone on each board can easily access it.

All in one place

Hans Sollerman currently serves on 10 boards and has 7 chairmanships. After selling his previous company, he became part of the board of, among others, Örebro University’s holding company, which wanted a board portal where it was easy to keep track of, among other things, documents, the board’s share register and all other information that previously existed physically on paper.

Boardeaser won the evaluation that we did, and it is not even possible to measure the effect of using the platform. It’s such an increase in efficiency so it’s not true, Hans says.

With everything gathered in one place, it will be easier for everyone on the board to access materials, documents and up-to-date information. It will be easier to keep track of work that is happening and to streamline processes.

You get such an increase in quality throughout the board’s work
,” Hans continues.

Hans Sollerman styrelseproffs

“You can’t even measure the impact of using the platform. It’s such an increase in efficiency so it’s not true.”

Hans Sollerman

Board professional and entrepreneur


A safety and security

In addition to more efficient processes and work tools as well as a common place for all documentation, the board portal also contributes to safer and more secure work. With the platform, Hans feels that it will be easier for the various boards to follow the right laws and principles and to dare to trust that the work is done in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the Accounting Act and the Annual Accounts Act.

Boardeaser is one of the most important tools we have when it comes to the Swedish Companies Act. With Boardeaser, it is easier to ensure that we on the boards maintain the spirit of limited liability companies. It’s very important with that support and that we maintain that quality, Hans says

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A more professional work

Today, Hans uses almost all parts of the platform; everything from the reporting tools to document templates, evaluations, invitations and more.

Boardeaser’s platform has become my working tool. Among the first things I do every day is go into the portal, go through everything I have there and check in. When I go in there, I can see reports from all the companies that I have in the system. Almost all my work is thus gathered in one place, which is invaluable! Hans says.

Using the platform for reporting and other board work has, among other things, contributed to positive changes such as always signed documents and minutes, clearer tasks and improved follow-up and more efficient workflows. It is now easier to keep track of important documents and ensure that you meet the spirit of limited liability companies.

We have become more efficient and professional in our board work thanks to Boardeaser

. If you want to have a professional board work, it is Boardeaser that applies

, says Hans.

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