Porträtt på Pär Haga, Vd på Boardeaser

Vinnova provides support to Boardeaser for unique competitor analysis

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Boardeaser has been granted support from Vinnova to develop a new and unique service for competitor analysis. The goal is to be able to offer companies the opportunity to quickly and easily compare their own key figures and financial data with competitors and other companies.

– This is a product that many have requested. Often it can be difficult to know what are good levels for eg. solidity, profit margin or liquidity, but with this service you can now compare your figures with competitors and other similar companies, says Pär Haga, CEO of Boardeaser.

Boardeaser has previously developed services that provide automated financial reports directly from the accounting office. With these services, we can ensure that the Board has very good insight into how the company is doing and its financial position. At the same time, we save a lot of time for the management team, which can instead spend more time on sales and value-creating activities.

The project will be carried out together with Bisnode, which will be the supplier for the financial information for the companies you want to compare with. The support from Vinnova is given through the call “Open innovation” which will promote new collaborations and innovations between large and small companies.

– Boardeaser is at the forefront of innovative solutions that facilitate and streamline board work. They have found a very exciting niche where together we can create great value for customers. We look forward to a good collaboration, saysJoakim Skog, Innovation Specialist & Intrapreneurial Disruptor, at Bisnode.


Boardeaser is one of four players that, together with Bisnode, will develop new services based on data from Bisnode. In total, the entire project has been granted support of SEK 1.57 million. Vinnova has granted the application for the call Open Innovation in Industry with the following motivation:

“The application is well written and after interview and completion, it is assessed as an exciting opportunity for open innovation. The expected impact on the Swedish ecosystem is considered to be large and the application has therefore been prioritized to receive Vinnova’s funding. The decision is based on an assessment of the project’s potential, actor constellation and feasibility. The assessment is a weighted evaluation after an interview meeting with Vinnova, which was based on a previous recommendation made by external assessors and Vinnova’s administrators. When the call closed, 25 applications had been submitted. The applications that were rejected were judged not to meet the criteria to the same extent as those granted.”


Pär Haga
CEO, Boardeaser AB
073-725 19 83

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