Sign the annual report digitally in Boardeaser!

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Now the board can sign the annual report digitally in Boardeaser! In addition, we guide you so that all documents are collected and signed by the right people.

Signing the annual report digitally means that:

● Sign the annual report with BankID – do not have to send paper around
● Boardeaser lists all documents to be submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office
● Easy to keep to the schedule – everything comes in to the Swedish Companies Registration Office on time
● All documents are automatically archived in Boardeaser for the future

The benefits of e-signing

● Reduces logistics for the board
● Speeds up the process
● Reliable – no document gets lost

This is how easy it is to sign your annual report digitally

Activate the Annual Report add-on in the Extension Shop.

1. Upload the annual report as a pdf in Boardeaser
2. Everyone on the board signs the annual report with BankID, then the auditor
3. The auditor uploads and e-signs the auditor’s report (if an auditor exists)
4. Attach the e-signed annual report and the auditor’s report to the notice convening the Annual General Meeting*
5. Hold the Annual General Meeting, sign the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and upload a copy in Boardeaser*
6. Print a copy of the signed annual report and the auditor’s report, then certify the e-signatures. Sign the certificate of determination with pen and mail all documents to the Swedish Companies Registration Office
7. Upload the signed certificate of determination in Boardeaser (optional)

*Annual general meetings are not yet handled in Boardeaser.

See a quick guide here.

The annual report is thus submitted as a certified copy of the e-signed original. Read more here about the Swedish Companies Registration Office’s requirements:

With Boardeaser, these documents are signed, submitted and archived correctly:

● Annual report including certificate of determination
● Auditor’s report
● Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

The tool is activated in the Add-ons shop where you will find all Boardeaser add-ons.

Visit Boardeaser’s support page for more information.

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