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Report key operational figures in Boardeaser

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Now you can report the business’s operational key figures directly in Boardeaser. Key figures are unbeatable to get everyone to see where the business is going.

The Board immediately gains insights as a basis for decisions. Our new product KPI Analytics makes it possible to load your own key figures from Excel and visualize in graphs.

Examples of operational key figures from the business are the number of users, customers, employees, etc.

With Boardeaser’s management of key figures, you can:

  • See trends and forecast development
  • Quickly pick up warning signs
  • Correctly selected key figures capture how the entire business is performing
  • Boardeaser shows automatically rolling 3 and 12 month trend
  • Key figures and graphs can be published directly in the CEO’s reports and viewed on the Board’s dashboard
  • Create key figures that combine data from accounting and operations, such as turnover per employee

How to report operational key performance indicators

  1. Import file with your accounting data (sie4 file) for financial ratios
  2. Download the template for your own key figures, fill in Excel and import
  3. Create graph that shows one or more key figures over time
  4. Create a report and include one or more graphs, save as template
  5. At the next reporting time, you just need to update the key figures and the report will be updated automatically

To report key figures, you need an account with Boardeaser and the additions Financials, Reports and KPI Analytics. Click here to try Boardeaser with add-ons for free for 30 days.

Instructions and guides can be found at Boardeaser Support.

Try it free for 30 days!

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A quick shortcut to clear and exhaustive reports? Boardeaser generates automatic analyses directly from your company’s accounting. You can easily compile into customizable report templates. Log in or register for free to test Boardeaser Reports.

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