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Two-factor authentication

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Now you can log in with BankID or the security key YubiKey in Boardeaser! More flexible and safer, choose the way that suits you best.

● Avoid keeping track of passwords with BankID
● High security with the physical usb key YubiKey
● Elective requirement for two-factor authentication for everyone on the board

Two-factor authentication means that two different components are required to log in. For BankID, your social security number and verification with the BankID program on your phone or computer are required.

YubiKey is a physical security key that is available for purchase separately and fits in your computer’s USB input. With YubiKey, you log in by entering your username/password and at the same time as the physical security key is inserted into a USB input on your computer.

If you as an organization are keen that the board’s material is protected to the maximum, you can demand that everyone must use two-factor authentication (ie either BankID or YubiKey) for access to the boardroom in Boardeaser.

To enable login with BankID or YubiKey:

1. Log in with username and password as usual
2. Click on your name and select “My Profile”
3. Click on “Security”
4. For BankID: Enter your social security number and verify with BankID
5. For YubiKey: Click “Add Security Key” and follow the instructions

Do you want to enable the requirement for everyone in your organization to sign in with two-factor authentication? Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Security – click in the option “Two-factor authentication requirements”

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