GU Ventures and Boardeaser initiate collaboration

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The collaboration means that Boardeaser will be used for board work and management of the companies that the incubator GU Ventures coaches and invests in. GU Ventures is involved in some 70 companies that together have a turnover of SEK 300 million annually.

-The collaboration is clearly in line with how we want to streamline board work, primarily in our companies but also for ourselves. In addition, we will contribute to the development of Boardeaser’s system and get an even better system in the future that satisfies our companies’ needs, says Klementina Österberg, CEO of GU Ventures.

Start-ups benefit greatly from Boardeaser because routines and documents are gathered in one place from the beginning. Boardeaser’s financial reporting also allows the board to monitor what equity and liquidity looks like, two things that can be critical in the company’s early stages.

– Boardeaser makes all companies more successful through more efficient board work. It will be especially fun to help all the fine quality companies at GU Ventures, says Pär haga, CEO of Boardeaser.

Facts about GU Ventures

The company finances and develops new business and companies related to the University of Gothenburg, which leads to job creation and sustainable growth. The company is wholly owned by the Swedish State and was formed in 1995 as one of the Swedish university-affiliated holding companies with the task of commercializing research results and knowledge. Since then, GU Ventures has developed over 140 new business ideas, of which 100 employ 350 people and have an annual turnover of SEK 300 million. The companies have attracted a total of over SEK 1.5 billion in financing and eleven of the companies are listed. Incubator and investment activities are top-rated by the UBI Global Index. Read more about the company at:

Facts Boardeaser

Boardeaser is a cloud service that streamlines board work by digitizing and structuring the most common work processes. Through Boardeaser’s board portal, users get a quick overview and control of everything they are expected to do in the board work. The position includes, among other things, a financial overview, reporting, meeting documentation and board training.

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porträtt på Pär Haga, Vd på Boardeaser

Pär Haga


+46 73 725 19 83

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