New collaboration between Boardeaser and Jeeves ERP

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Boardeaser can now proudly announce that we have entered into a new partnership with Jeeves with the aim of simplifying everyday life for all our common customers.

Jeeves customers will now have access to all our smart features, which automate and simplify complex processes, securely and entirely cloud-based.

Through the integration, Jeeves’ customers will be able to quickly, easily and completely automatically create financial reports, consolidate for the Group and simplify and facilitate all parts of the Board’s work. Time savings and a simplification of the management of subsidiaries, are some of the most appreciated benefits.

– Jeeves is a pioneer in finance and organization administration. Boardeaser will be able to complement Jeeves very well and streamline the work of economists, CEOs and boards in a way that we are very proud of. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration for all parties, says Pär Haga, CEO of Boardeaser.

What does the collaboration mean for Jeeves customers?

For Jeeves’ customers, the new collaboration means that they get access to Boardeaser’s products through an integration to their Jeeves ERP.

With Boardeaser, planning is improved, you can know in advance that your closing process is complete and cohesive in Jeeves. It is possible to create routines around the consolidated financial statements and in your work towards the board and management.

The work can be planned in advance and you know for sure that it will be right and does not take more time than expected, you also avoid the consolidated financial statements in Excel.


Now we can really reduce stress for our customers, while their management and board get professional decision support!

Annika Näsman, Product Manager, Jeeves.

Own experiences characterize product development

– The employees at Boardeaser have extensive experience and have used the frustration they themselves have experienced through their respective professional lives to develop their products. This fact is reflected in how their products are designed, they are smart and there is a mindset that works right all the way,” says Annika Näsman, Product Manager at Jeeves.

As an economist, you know what it is like at every financial statement that requires legal reporting and the endless work that goes on late evenings and weekends. There is not an economist who does not wish that the Christmas holidays should be moved whether you work with full-time or half-yearly financial statements. Not to forget how much you as an economist appreciate when the red days around Christmas actually occur on a holiday so it does not create too much days off that eat up the financial statement work.

The collaboration means that we free up time for our customers

“We want to help our customers at the final phase of the year-end work, the group consolidation itself, which Jeeves now supports together with Boardeaser. Regardless of whether you are a group company or not, all work with the preparation and production of reports and materials for the company’s board and management should take place with a few keystrokes.

The main purpose of the collaboration is for our customers to be able to free up time and, above all, create a workload that does not become so concentrated. This reduces stress for economists and at the same time it gives our customers’ management and boards really good basis for decision-making,” concludes Annika.

We at Boardeaser are very much looking forward to this collaboration with Jeeves and know that it will provide great added value for their customers and in turn their finance departments.

porträtt på Pär Haga, Vd på Boardeaser

For further information, please contact:

Pär Haga, CEO, Boardeaser
Phone: +46 73 725 19 83
E-mail: pä

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