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How to write a good CEO report

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Successful board work requires that the board has the necessary basis to assess the company’s situation. Here, the CEO report plays an important role. With thoughtful and accurate CEO reporting, your board can more easily make decisions that move your business towards your success goals.

In this article, you can read about what your report should contain, what key figures you should include and how to present the report in a way that the entire board understands.

As CEO, it is your task to collect financial and strategic data according to the board’s directives. You must also report any changes in a clear manner. Well-thought-out reporting with carefully selected key figures gives the board the opportunity to make decisions that actually lead to your success goals.

Find out how often you need to report

As a CEO, you should report at least once a month, but if your company has an extra great need to be able to act quickly (for example, in case of liquidity problems), you may need to report weekly or even daily. Try to establish routines and tools that allow you to produce data with the frequency needed.

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Identify what the CEO report should contain

It is the responsibility of your board of directors (the Swedish Companies Act (Chapter 8, Section 5) to tell you what should be included in the reporting, but there are some important areas that should always be included are:

  • Economy
  • Business activities
  • Personnel and organization
  • Upcoming events and scenarios
  • Follow-up of set goals

Start by discussing with the board what information they want in a concise form. Remember that the board should keep a helicopter perspective and not focus on details or the operational work.

Choose the right key performance indicator

KRIs, KPIs and financial ratios should be included in your report. Start by distinguishing between Key Result Indicators (CIs) that show the results of your company’s actions and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are indicative of the future and hopefully result in a KRI.

Several of the financial key figures measure results that are already fact and should therefore be classified as KRIs.

Key figures linked to goals

The most important key figures are those that you and your company can control to achieve your goals. This requires some work and critical thinking. They should be unique to the company and tightly linked to the strategic goals. Think about which key figures can be acted on and which will lead you towards success. What drives your growth goals? What activities can help you get there?

Also, be sure to choose key performance indicators that make it easier to determine if your business will be successful in the long run. The metrics should result in proactive corporate governance and not a reactive one that risks not being able to act until it is too late.

Financial key figures

Financial key figures are used to follow up the business over time and to compare plans and budget against actual outcomes. We recommend always taking the following financial key figures as a basis:

  • turnover
  • cash flow
  • liquidity
  • equity
  • Reconciliation with budget

Present the report so that everyone understands

All board members have different skills, so it is important not to assume that everyone knows the same amount about financial control. The concepts that you use in your everyday life may be too advanced for others. Therefore, remember to be clear when writing and presenting your report, and use a language that everyone understands regardless of skill level.

Try to present your data visually and educationally. It should be quick for Members to take in what you report. Display data in simple graphs and tables that are easy to understand, and include only the information that is relevant. Also make sure to clarify why you and your colleagues are looking at each key figure and what goals the key figures are linked to.

Automate CEO reporting and save hours!

Make CEO reporting more time-efficient

Last but not least, you need to find an effective reporting routine that allows you to spend the time you need on the right things in the business and the board’s decisions.

Today, there are digital solutions that automate and speed up the processing of the company’s data. If you are responsible for reporting in a group structure, you have extra time to gain from automating group consolidation and reporting. With the help of the right tools, you can more easily focus on key figures, analysis and presentation on which the entire board can build its decisions.

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