Simplify your CEO reporting with modern tools

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As a CEO, you are often short on time, it is common to get stuck in routine activities and spend countless hours on administration and control. A lot of time is usually spent on producing relevant reporting to the board.

Producing the right reporting data is a resource-intensive job that requires not only your time, but also that of your employees.

In this article, we describe how easily you can simplify and improve your CEO reporting with modern system support.

The benefits of a system support for your CEO reporting are many. One of the most obvious is that it will save you a ton of time that you can instead spend on decision making.

You don’t have to chase numbers to enter in Excel and then transfer to a presentation. With just the click of a button, you can automatically get flawless, up-to-date professional reports that are visualized so that everyone understands.

Being able to quickly form an opinion about your company’s situation is a must in today’s fast-moving business climate. With good system support, you can see at a glance what it looks like in educational dashboards, tailored to your needs.

Another advantage is that you get a system for ongoing analysis where you can in no time produce new key figures, make comparisons, etc. Instead of compiling and reporting, you can instead confidently predict and act!

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How Boardeaser simplifies your CEO reporting

Boardeaser is a modern, secure and cloud-based solution. You do not need any special technology or prior knowledge, we will help you based on your conditions. All you need is access to your financial system to be able to export so-called sie4 files.

With your SIE4 files, you easily read your accounting data, this works smoothly regardless of which financial system you have today. However, Boardeaser has smart integrations with all common financial systems.

When your data is loaded, you immediately get a good basic reporting with 400 relevant graphs and tables to choose from.

Guide: Everything you need to know about CEO reporting!

We help you tailor your CEO reporting

Together with us, we then adapt your reporting and your dashboards to suit your business. This may involve loading operational key figures from Excel (e.g. occupancy rate, number of employees, etc.), activating cost centers / business areas and building your own graphs and tables.

Boardeaser is very flexible and the reporting can easily be tailored completely to your unique needs and requirements.

You get customized reports in 1 minute!

Once this is done, your reporting is fully automated and you get professional, fresh reports and dashboards with just the click of a button – as often as you want.

Doesn’t that sound simple? If you want to test completely free for 30 days to simplify your CEO reporting without any requirements, you can do so here:

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It's easy to get started

It is rare that we encounter any technical obstacles when helping our customers get started, most are up and running in no time. We always help you to set up your reporting and to get started properly. We are with you all the way.

Rather, the most common questions we get are about
You should include in your reports and how to make them as easy to read as possible. There we naturally support with our expertise and the experience we have by helping 1,000s of companies with their reporting.

Larger companies and groups often already have a good structure on their data. Younger companies sometimes need to put a working structure in place to measure what they want, eg. through cost centers. There we help with tips and advice.

Avoid expensive consulting costs

Training, implementation support and support are always included in the price, which means that you avoid surprising expenses in the form of consulting costs or training. You quickly learn the system. Boardeaser also has free online training with an expert every week where you can ask your specific questions.

Some of the benefits when simplifying your CEO reporting

Boardeaser gives you total overview and control and you can make better decisions, based on facts.

Why Boardeaser is the best choice for your CEO reporting

As a CEO and CFO, you are often short on time. We save you a lot of time that you can instead spend on value-creating activities and analyzes rather than unqualified tasks. At the same time, the recipient of the reports receives relevant information in a format that is easy to absorb.

Flexible, user-friendly end-to-end solution

What distinguishes Boardeaser from other reporting solutions is, among other things, the flexibility that allows you to create exactly the reports you want, in exactly the format the board requests.

Boardeaser has spent a lot of time creating an intuitive user interface, personalized, free support and onboarding. We offer free weekly trainings, online with experts.

Boardeaser is a unique total solution and can be expanded as needed with tools for the entire board work. In addition to reporting, we have a board portal, if you are a group, complete group consolidation and reporting.

A proof that our platform is appreciated by our users is that we rarely lose any customers. The few that we lose are usually due to bankruptcies, takeovers or users changing employers.

High ratings from our customers

Most people are surprised at how easy it is to get started and get the reporting you want. We get very good reviews from both producers and consumers of the reports.

We get the majority of our customers through recommendations. It is a good mark that the system fills a real need and that our support always ensures that everyone gets help to use the tool’s full potential.

How to get started with Boardeaser

The easiest way is to book a free demo of the platform. Then we will show you how it works and you can ask all your questions. At the same time, we get a good picture of your business and your needs.

If you are still interested thereafter, you will receive a quote based on your needs. If you accept it, we then put a plan on how to get started quickly and easily.

Read more about our CEO reporting tool here.

Do you need a platform for corporate governance and reporting?

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Do you want to know more about how our platform can help you in your board, management or financial work?

We visualize your numbers in clear tables and graphs that can be quickly compiled into customized reports.

During the demo, we can show you how to create a professional CEO report in 1 minute!

Our cloud-based tool is integrated with all common financial systems.

During a demo, you will get, among other things:

  • tailored review of the platform’s features
  • answers to your questions and concerns from one of our experts
  • tips on how to work smarter (instead of harder)

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to test our platform for 30 days free of charge. You do not commit to anything, the subscription will automatically end after the trial period unless you choose to continue.

Book a demo by filling out the form on the right. We will get back to you as soon as we can with suggestions for times.

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