As CEO or CFO, you are often under time pressure when you both run the operational business, ensure that sales work, work with the strategic planning and at the same time produce reports and documentation for the board and keep track of agreements and documents.

–With Boardeaser Save you both time and gets a much better quality in the substrate you will prepare for, for example, the board meeting. You don’t need to longer Dig into the emails or cave in Excel sheet, without Everything is in one place And you can easily create the reports you need. You free up time from the administrative that you can instead spend on otherwise, says Pär Haga, CEO of Boardeaser.

Ultimate all-in-one solution

Boardeaser is an all-in-one corporate governance solution that you can reach no matter where you are in the world, because it’s a SaaS-platform. In the platform, customers can access both board portal, professional reporting and management and governance.

–We want to simplify everyday life for the board and management. We offer a smorgasbord of tools such as share register, e-signing, automated reporting, key performance indicator analysis, board portal with digital document sharing and the possibility of video meetings with much more. One can also integrate Boardeaser with existing financial systems and document archive, says Pär Haga and continues:

– You can solve fifteen things from one system instead of logging in to fifteen different locations, which saves a lot of time. It is easy to become a customer with us, as it is possible to get started all on your own via We always offer demo and both education and support included in the price. We help all customers get started and see to the satisfaction of them. Heal Boardeaser is like a AppStore where you only pay for what you use and each product is very affordable.

Group reporting solution

Group Consolidation is complex in terms of development and therefore there are not so many systems in Sweden for it. But we have built a modern and innovative support for group reporting from scratch and which is very affordable. The schemes that have been in the market for a long time are often expensive to set up so it is usually companies with a very large turnover who have chosen them. We have noticed that companies that do not have that opportunity often rely on Excel. With Boardeaser, the job becomes both easier and safer,” says Pär Haga.

Why we founded Boardeaser

Boardeaser was founded in 2016 and all five founders had previous experience of board work from different roles when they started the business.

“We all had a common need and saw that it should be possible to make this type of solution much better. That’s how our first product board portal came about. Since then, we have done thousands of interviews with CEOs, CFOs and the chairman of the board to identify more areas that are of importance to the board and management. Our focus is always to make it easier for them to run companies, says Pär Haga and continues:

“We have grown organically by one hundred percent per year and we are completely self-financed. Virtually all of our customers we have received via recommendations from other customers who are satisfied with Boardeaser.

I would say that we are unique with our breadth and overall solution in the platform. We have competitors on different specific parts, but there is no player in Sweden that has the same overall solution as we do.