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Ensure Compliance with Boardeaser

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Create order with Boardeaser’s new Compliance feature. The Board of Directors and management gain control and a clear overview of the company’s documentation.

Why is it important to have order and order?

  • Orderliness reduces risk for the Board of Directors
  • The company is always ready for Due Diligence
  • Checklist based on the company’s size and conditions
  • Documents are kept up-to-date and easily accessible
  • History and versioning

How it works

Boardeaser suggests a checklist of company documents required by law and others recommended for your business. Customize the list and upload the documents so you know that legal requirements are met and that the company documentation is gathered when you need it, for example in a Due Diligence.

If a document needs to be updated, the person in charge is reminded and re-marked in green after updating. The history shows which documents were in place at different times. You can also see who on the board has read what. Versioning also adds older documents for flashbacks.

Get started with Compliance

Log in and click Documents in the Boardroom. Click Compliance, and then click Configure Compliance. Configure the list based on your business and add the documents to include in addition to those required by law.

Upload the documents in the list and specify the manager, lifetime and reminders. When all documents are in place and have been read/approved, the entire list is marked in green. Read more at Boardeaser Support.

Try Boardeaser for free

Create a free trial account here.

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