Pär med Budget, miniräknare och kalkylark

Create a budget in a few simple steps

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Creating a budget for the business can be a challenge, especially if you lack a good budget tool. This is how easy it is to create a budget and follow it up during the year in Boardeaser:

  • Download a budget proposal
  • Edit or use the suggestion as-is
  • Boardeaser automatically shows comparison between outcome and budget monthly and cumulatively
  • Include reconciliation against budget in reports to the board

To create a budget

You need access to Boardeaser and the Financials add-on. Both are free to try, sign up here if you don’t have a subscription.

On the Finance tab, you can upload your accounting data in the form of a SIE4 file. Based on this file, Boardeaser creates a budget proposal that you download in Excel format. The proposal is based on last year’s income statement, calculated with a certain percentage of growth. If you change the percentage of growth, all the numbers in the budget are updated. You can also edit the budget for each account and month, and add or remove accounts.

How to track your budget

When you’re done, upload the budget file to Boardeaser. On the Finance tab, the budget will then be displayed in the performance report together with the outcome and you can continuously reconcile the numbers during the year. If you have uploaded several years of SIE4 files, the results of previous years will also be displayed.

How to report to the board

Are you responsible for reporting to the board? With the Reports add-on, you can quickly create reports based on financial metrics. Include the performance report in full or summarized version and the budget for each month will be included. Comment on the figures and upcoming developments for the past period to the Board.

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