Therefore, group consolidation does not have to be so difficult

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Simplifying and automating your group consolidation doesn’t have to be difficult. Maybe you imagine that a transition is cumbersome and time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be that way at all. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of automating their consolidation. Once they have made up their minds, they discover that the start-up is significantly smoother than they thought.

Many groups cling to ingrained methods of consolidation. There is often the notion that a transition to a modern automated system is difficult and time-consuming. They fear that the learning threshold is high and continue in old tracks even though they know it is not sustainable.

By sticking to dated methods, you risk wasting precious time and the group basing its decisions on outdated figures. Automated consolidation is a long-term sustainable solution for multi-level challenges.

Webinar: How to succeed with your group consolidation

Risks of sticking to outdated processes:

  • Increases the risk of human error
  • Takes an unnecessary amount of time
  • Decisions are made on outdated figures
  • Dependence on people
  • More difficult to create visualized reports
  • Expensive in the long run
  • Makes it difficult to work data-driven

You may feel confident with your manual consolidation process, but the risk of errors increases the more manual work is required. It also takes a lot of time to compile data from the subsidiaries if they, in turn, use different financial systems.

If you are sitting with several Excel documents and numbers to be merged, there is a great risk that something will go wrong along the way. If you instead send the data directly into an automatic reporting tool, without intermediaries, you avoid this risk element.

Manual processes are often person-dependent, with a single person having full control over the process. If that person disappears, it can mean big problems. With a cloud-based tool, several people in the organization can easily produce relevant reports from the system and the system automatically syncs relevant figures with your accounting system.

A transition to an automated group consolidation – easier than you think

Changing your process of group consolidation is much easier than you think. We at Boardeaser have helped hundreds of companies simplify their group consolidation and reporting. The most common comment we get after the start-up is “why haven’t we done this before“.

At Boardeaser, we have a structured onboarding process where one of our specialists is with you before, during and after implementation. They are always close at hand to support you and answer your questions.

Once the implementation is done, you will quickly notice the difference, how much faster and smoother your group consolidation and reporting has become. You get better and updated decision support that requires less time from you.

Here you can read about our onboarding process.

Insights and decision support in no time

Well-visualized reports are today a must to quickly create an overview and enable quick decisions.

Producing good visualized decision support that everyone understands can take time, especially if you use Excel or other accounting systems. The right data should be retrieved from different systems and then reproduced in visual presentations. A time-consuming step that also requires the right skills.

With a modern, complete tool for group consolidation, you can get relevant insights on which to base your analysis. Instead of spending hours delving into data from different sources and ensuring it’s right, you’ll get educationally tailored dashboards and reports, in no time. No matter what financial system you have today.

Here you can test our tool for free for 30 days, completely without any requirements.

Work data-driven and modern

With automated group consolidation, you quickly get up-to-date insights to make data-driven decisions. You always have access to current data and can quickly act if something unexpected happens. When you digitize consolidation, you get better reports, which in turn give you deeper insight into the business

How to easily get started with automated group consolidation

This is how it works – Step by step

  1. Book an unconditional consultation with one of our specialists.

  2. You get your own contact person who, together with you, sets up a project plan for implementation. Adapted to your particular group.

  3. We set up a meeting series where we work together in the tool.

  4. Shortly after our first meeting, you will be able to see real-time updated figures at group level.

With us, you always have access to free training that you and your colleagues can attend. The trainings take place digitally and you can ask your questions. You thus avoid expensive consulting costs to get started.

How one of our customers feels about the transition to automated group consolidation

We asked Martin Dahlgren, Head of Finance at eEducation Albert how he has experienced the start-up process in Boardeaser and the transition to automated group consolidation.

The Group has successfully automated its group consolidation and reporting:

– For me, it was crucial to find a system I could get started with right away to get my quarter together efficiently. With Boardeaser, it went very quickly from the first meeting to being up and running, says Martin. He continues.

– Before Boardeaser, I used Excel, switching to a modern system for group consolidation has given me security, efficiency and above all I now have a clear overview and can spend my time on value-creating processes.

“Now I consolidate once a month and it no longer feels like a time-consuming project.

Automated group consolidation – easy and fast

It should be quick and easy to create quality-assured consolidated reports. Easy to understand, which everyone can easily take part in and understand.

How we make it easier for you:

  • Smooth and fast onboarding process.
  • Tools that are easy to learn and to use.
  • Free support.
  • Free training.

With our group tool, consolidation happens automatically all the time. You always have an up-to-date picture of the current state of affairs. The legal reporting, consolidated financial statements will also become smoother. You minimize the risk of errors and reduce personal dependence while saving lots of time.

Today, we can consolidate and generate ready-made reports in one minute per company for the vast majority of our customers.

Book a demo to get a personal advice and then quickly get started with automated group consolidation.

After the demo, you have the opportunity to test and evaluate completely free of charge for 30 days.

I want to get started

Here you can read more about the tool

Complicated and time-consuming group reporting?

Now you can test Boardeaser for 30 days for free!

Are you looking for a system that makes your reporting and consolidation faster and better?

With Boardeaser, you can automate the entire group reporting and save valuable time, while increasing quality.

During a demo, you will get, among other things:

  • tailored review of the platform’s features
  • answers to your questions and concerns from one of our experts
  • tips on how to work smarter (instead of harder)

Book a demo by filling out the form on the right. We will get back to you as soon as we can with suggestions for times.

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