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What is a general meeting?

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All limited liability companies must hold an annual general meeting, also called an annual general meeting, once a year. The AGM is the shareholders’ forum for deciding on what is their right.

Shareholders may write in the Articles of Association that more than one Annual General Meeting shall be held each year. If the board of directors, auditor or shareholders who own at least 10% of the shares wish, the board of directors must convene an extraordinary general meeting within two weeks. The basic rule for notice is that it must be sent between 4 and 6 weeks before the meeting is to be held, but private companies can change the limit to 2 weeks in the articles of association.

An ordinary general meeting shall be held within six months of the end of the company’s financial year. At the meeting, the Board of Directors shall present the annual report and the auditor’s report.

Mandatory issues to raise at the general meeting:

  • Adopt the income statement and balance sheet of the previous year.
  • How the company’s profit or loss should be disposed of.
  • To discharge the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability.
  • To elect the Board of Directors and, where applicable, the auditor.
  • Determine the fees of the board members and the auditor.

Read more about various general meetings on the Swedish Companies Registration Office’s website.

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