Eight reasons to use a board portal

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Today’s working climate requires a high pace of communication, constant availability and fast decision-making processes. But how do we increase the pace without compromising on quality?

A professional board portal helps with just that – we’ll explain how and give you eight strong reasons to use a board portal.

We are moving more and more of our professional lives to the digital space. The expectation of being able to work anywhere and at any time is almost self-evident. The world of government is not exempt. The intense flow of information challenges you as an individual board member; Taking in, sorting and analyzing information takes time. Boards that handle sensitive or business-critical data also face the challenge of working securely.

A digital board portal should meet your board’s needs for efficiency, security and flexible collaboration. It supports and relieves all individual members. A good portal simply makes itself worth its investment in several ways – here are eight of them.

1. Secure information management

Does it feel safest to handle all information on paper? In fact, printing and regular e-mail carry a significantly higher risk of information loss and misdirection than well-designed digital solutions. Using a professional board portal means that your information is secure.

  • Safely stored in the cloud
    All material saved in the portal is automatically backed up and all files are encrypted.
  • Secure login
    Logging in to the portal requires personal identification through e.g. BankID and two-factor authentication.
  • Authorization
    You control what information different users have access to. Specific information can be selected and shared via secure link with external stakeholders, e.g. Auditors.
  • Safe to communicate
    All data traffic in messages and notes is encrypted. No sensitive information is sent via email.

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2. Using a board portal saves time

Your time is valuable, so why reinvent the wheel? Administrative and repetitive tasks are automated when using a board portal.

  • Automation of meeting agendas, templates, mailings and reminders saves a lot of time – a dream for both the chairman and secretary.
  • All in one place – simplifies preparation, communication and loading.
  • Paperless – the board saves time and energy by not having to print and distribute paper.

3. Structures document management

A board portal should offer a secure, structured document archive that makes it easy to organize and find among the board’s materials.

  • Support for compliance through eg. checklists that help you ensure that important documents and agreements are available and kept up to date over time.
  • Searchable and with complete history with all documents, agreements and meeting minutes saved in one place.
  • Backups happen automatically.

4. Simplifies the meeting process

A good board portal serves as an educational guide. Through a simple step-by-step process, even the inexperienced make their way through the entire meeting process.

  • Support creating new agendaand help distribute vocation.
  • User-friendly protocol tool and digital adjustment process.
  • Automatic help with decision follow-up through eg. dashboard, mailing or follow-up in the next agenda.
  • E-signing and automatic archiving of protocols.

Eight reasons to get a governance portal

It’s never too late to digitize your board work. Here are eight reasons that speak for the usefulness of using a Board portal.

5. Available 24/7

When you use a board portal that is a cloud service, it means that all material is always available when you log in to the platform.

  • Board members are given the flexibility to:
    Work whenever and wherever they want.
  • Most of it can be done directly in the portal –no
    special software is required
  • Integrated video meeting functionality that runs directly in a web browser allows board meetings to be conducted easily remotely, without software. All it takes is internet connection
  • iPad/iPhone app allows work “on-the-go” and facilitates loading before meetings, even offline.

6. Overview and full control by using a board portal

A board portal provides control. All members have a personal overview where to-dos, activities and upcoming meetings are listed.

Do you have more board assignments where you use the same board portal? Congratulations – then you can handle all board assignments in the same platform.

7. Assists with help functions

Who doesn’t want reminders of meeting times, to-dos, and expiring contracts? The board portal acts as an assistant and makes it easier for all members.

  • Meeting reminders
  • To-dos
  • Automatic reminders
  • Integration to your calendar
  • Ready-made templates for e.g. agenda

8. Financial overview in no time

By using Boardeaser’s board portal, the board can get a financial overview in no time, with your selected key figures presented in educational dashboards, visualized so that everyone quickly understands.

  • Automatic, professional reports
  • Make decisions on fresh data
  • Clarify trends for better decisions
  • All in the same platform

The board portal quickly worth its investment

Regardless of the size of your board, the board portal quickly makes itself worth its investment. As a digital end-to-end solution, it handles ever-changing demands for IT security and traceability. It is a smooth way to transition to a digital work methodology that both old and new members can easily embrace.

By working in a common, easily accessible platform, you soon discover how your everyday life is simplified, for the board as a whole and for you as an individual member.


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