Why we use Boardeaser Board Portal

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Three experts in board work talk about how Boardeaser’s Board Portal facilitates their everyday lives and which functions they like the most.

The board portal gives us order and order on our documents

Suzanne Sandler has extensive experience of board work and talks here about what functions she feels are the main advantages of a digital Board portal.

I have used Boardeaser for two organizations. I think the process of summons, minutes and archives is best because it facilitates my work when I am also secretary of the board. Like that you can download SIE4 files and that they automatically generate a bunch of charts to choose from. Also like the way to produce a CEO report.

Above all, I believe that all boards benefit from order and order among the documents. Anywhere anytime. Even when a new Member comes in, you can go back in minutes and more as easily as you like.

I recommend Boardeaser to entrepreneurs who want to start up professional board work and companies that do not yet have a digital board platform.

Suzanne Sandler, Board member, Board
Academy East Sweden

Secure and always available with a Board Portal

Gisela Sitbon works as a Business Coach at STING and she sees many advantages in digitizing board work, being able to work safely and securely is one of them.

I use Boardeaser as my platform for board work, everything from planning to follow-up of decisions made. A favorite is the message threads that make it possible to communicate within the board in a more secure way.

The greatest benefit is to have all important documentation gathered in one place, safely and always available and that Boardeaser is a process tool that supports and simplifies many steps in the board work.

I have recommended Boardeaser Board Portal to companies that are just about to start with their board work as well as to companies that have a well-established board work.

Gisela Sitbon, Business Coach, STING

More structure in your board work?

Sit back with a digital board portal.

With the Board Portal, we save a lot of time

Carl Grebing works as CFO and Deputy CEO at Michaël Berglund and appreciates the time savings he makes with the Board Portal as well as the user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started. That it is also easy to create professionals He sees reports to the board as a big bonus.

I use the Boardeaser Board Portal to manage everything from invitations to our board meetings, put together timed agendas to writing minutes and making todoes for members and management. We now sign all our protocols digitally with BankId , which has saved significantly with time and administration, which also makes the audit smooth when the auditors want to review the protocols.

For the members, the system means full access to important board documents such as instructions, historical minutes and the annual wheel for board work. By importing all our financial data via a SIE file, the board also has access to a number of financial reports in connection with monthly and annual accounts. All in all, this saves me a lot of time while keeping the board continuously informed to the degree they desire.

Boardeaser is a user-friendly platform for board work

We conduct training of board members ourselves and in connection with the courses we receive questions about digital platforms and tools. Therefore, it is important for us to have a simple and easy-to-explain system that is based on the basic requirements that one can place on professional board work.

Digitalization is also an issue that is high on the board’s agenda today, which we also notice in our work with both recruitment to boards but also when we carry out evaluations of the board’s daily work.

When digital tools come up in these contexts, I would like to recommend Boardeaser as we ourselves have such good experience from the efficiency and order that the portal entails in the daily work.

Carl Grebing, CFO and Deputy CEO,
Michaël Berglund

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