Cybersäkert styrelsearbete

Cyber risks on the board – how you work IT-securely

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Digital board work is smooth and time-saving, but places demands on high information security. Online business is faced with completely different challenges than the physical one and the risks are constantly changing. The IT security of your company is business critical – we know how to avoid the most common cyber risks.

Start thinking about information security

On the board of directors, there is always an interest in protecting the company from potential threats. Digital development is advancing rapidly and cyber risks are becoming both more numerous and greater. In addition to ensuring that the board work itself is handled insecurely, you need to ensure that the company takes a grip on the security issue in general. A good start can be to take part in the Board Academy’s comprehensive handbook on cyber security. There you will find collected information on how the board can improve IT security in the company.

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Everyone in the company can do this

Shaky cyber security in companies can be purely business critical, especially for listed companies. Any sharing of information on the board must therefore be done with the utmost care. There are a few things that anyone can do to raise the level of protection on company information. Feel free to spread the word to the operational part of the company.

Pay close attention to the passwords

It goes without saying – passwords exist to protect information. Therefore, it is important to update and vary the passwords on your different devices, accounts, and online services at regular intervals. Otherwise, there is a risk that your accounts will be hijacked and information will be leaked. As a board member, you can probably imagine the panic if sensitive company information were to fall into the wrong hands.

There are some great tricks for creating secure passwords:

  • A strong password is long, consists of both lowercase and uppercase letters, contains numbers and symbols.
  • A password that feels completely made up by yourself can in fact be based on discoverable patterns. Therefore, use a password manager.
  • Never have the same password in multiple places. If one account gets hacked, multiple accounts can become one.
  • Don’t change your password if you don’t need to.

Separate work and private

An easy way to make your company more secure is to separate work and personal life. It can be as simple as having a dedicated computer and phone at work, and your own set at home. By separating work from private life, you can protect your business information to a greater extent.

Think GDPR

The entire company must be permeated by GDPR, including the board. On the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website, you can get guidance about GDPR and how it affects you.

Shortcut to higher IT security in the board?

Sit back with a digital board portal.

Invest in the right digital tools for IT security in companies

There are smart services that keep cyber risks at an arm’s length.

Password manager

If you find it difficult to remember your different passwords, there are smart tools that remember them for you. They are called password managers. Before choosing a service, it may be useful to take a few things into account.

  • Use an established service that has received good customer reviews.

  • Ensure that the service uses cloud storage. Then you will always have access to the latest versions of all passwords, regardless of which device you used last.

  • Choose a service that can offer a vault for private passwords and a vault for work passwords.

GDPR tools

Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the company by investing in a cloud service that can handle personal data management.


Digital signature services, known as e-signing, are secure because they are difficult to forge. Investing in such a service can facilitate the work of the board, while increasing safety.

Let someone with knowledge in information security be given the responsibility to choose which digital tools the company can use to increase security. If you do not have a data protection expert at the company, it may be a good idea to hire one on a consulting basis.

Quick signatures?

E-signing – legally binding, secure and smooth.

Therefore, your board work becomes safe with a Board Portal

Distribution of board documents and other sensitive information via e-mail or regular mail means a significantly higher risk of losing control over sensitive information and how it is disseminated.

A professional board portal gives you complete control over the entire distribution process. Everything is done on a secure and encrypted platform, accessible only to the users you choose to invite.

Make sure that your board can work completely safely. Try our Board Portal for free for 30 days or book a free demo.

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