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Board portal – 3 smart features that save time

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A Board Portal streamlines your everyday life

Smart and intelligent solutions in the Board Portal save you lots of time. Here are 3 smart features in Boardeaser that save time in your board work:

  1. See all board meetings in your calendar
  2. Log in with BankID
  3. Sign documents with one click

1. See all board meetings in your calendar

See all board meetings from Boardeaser Board Portal in your digital calendar by adding the calendar link from Boardeaser. It’s something you only need to do once. After that, all board meetings created in Boardeaser are automatically displayed in the calendar.

The calendar link can be found by logging in, clicking on your name and selecting “My Profile”. Go to the Calendars section and copy the calendar link.

Then paste the link into your digital calendar. Depending on which calendar you use, you do it in slightly different ways.

Here are instructions for the three most common calendars:

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2. Log in to the Board Portal with BankID

Avoid keeping track of the password by logging in with BankID instead. The only thing you need to do is add your social security number to your user profile.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in and click on your name, select “My Profile”.
  • Select “Security” and enter your social security number in the field for BankID.
  • Confirm with the BankID app.

In the future, log in by clicking on “Log in with BankID”, enter your social security number and confirm with the BankID app.

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An easy way to focus right?

Get more time with a digital board portal

3. Sign documents with one click

With the E-Sign add-on , any document can be signed in Boardeaser.

There are four different methods to choose from:

  • BankID
  • Touch (draw signature on phone/tablet)
  • SMS
  • Quick Intent (click on computer or phone/tablet)

To request the signature of one or more users, follow these steps:

  • Go to Documents and upload the file.
  • Click on the gear icon and select “Send for E-Signing”.
  • Choose which signing method(s) can be used.
  • Choose which users to sign.
  • Send.

Each recipient receives an email that a document is waiting to be signed. You can see who signed on the “E-Signing” tab in Documents.

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Do you want to work smarter and save time?

Try our powerful Board Portal for free for 30 days. To get the most out of your trial book a free demo and we’ll show you lots of smart tricks. Everything is of course without obligation!

Try it free for 30 days!

Boardeaser provides powerful, secure and cloud-based corporate governance solutions. 

Boardeaser simplifies and streamlines your everyday life. We have solutions in board work, financial reporting, management and governance – in the same platform.

Our tools are easy to learn and to use. Contact us or book a demo if you want to know more.

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