Laptop, Så lyckas styrelsen med planering

How to succeed with board planning

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Save time by planning annually in the Boardeaser Board Portal. Boards that spend time on their board planning get the investment back with interest over the years. By planning what can be predicted, the board also has a much easier time dealing with the unforeseen.

Benefits of Boardeasers Annual Planning

  • Meeting times are booked in the calendar, which increases the chance that the meeting will take place
  • Provides structure for the board in its work
  • Provides structure for management team and organization
  • The Management Board may, with its commitments in a logical order:
  • Training for the board that sees what themes should be addressed
  • Provides good support in the work for everyone around the board
  • Download The Annual Planning as an educational and stylish report

Good to take with you in your board planning

Normal board work in a limited company requires 4-6 board meetings per year, in tenant-owner associations it is common with a few more. Make sure that everyone on the board takes note of the planning and enters the preliminary dates for the scheduled meetings in their calendars as soon as they are determined. If the themes of the board meetings are included in the planning, it is good to allocate 50% of the meeting’s time to these issues, it is possible to determine a main theme and a secondary theme as there are many areas to cover. Here are some suggested themes for meetings:

  • Financial issues & budget
  • Market
  • Annual report
  • Management & organization
  • IT & digitalization issues
  • Customer satisfaction and support
  • Launches
  • Production
  • Sale
  • Competitor analysis
  • Employee satisfaction & personnel issues
  • Strategy
  • Business plan
  • Evaluation of last year
  • Study visits to the business
  • Evaluation

The President is responsible for:

It is the Chairman of the Board who is responsible for planning the work of the Board, but it may be good to plan in consultation with the company’s CEO and the rest of the Board. Regardless of the preparatory work, the planning must be determined by the Board at a Board meeting, preferably at the statutory Board meeting, which is the Board’s first meeting after the Meeting. Annual planning is a good support for all boards and should be included in the board’s rules of procedure, even if one is only required under the Swedish Companies Act for public limited companies.

The inaugural board meeting

It is common for the inaugural board meeting to be completed quickly as a formality, but be sure to take advantage of it by going through the planning for the board year including each meeting’s theme. If the composition has changed from the previous year, it is a good opportunity for all Members to present themselves and their skills. The CEO can also be invited to give a personal view of the company’s situation and goals for the coming year.

In associations

Of course, boards in associations also benefit greatly from annual planning, perhaps even more so since the board also often acts as operational management. In associations, the general meeting can have a greater weight as members are given the opportunity to exercise, in the annual planning the board must therefore be given time to consider these motions. In condominium associations there should be a multi-year maintenance plan of the association’s property(s), this maintenance plan normally gives the board various activities to manage each year.

Take care of your Board Planning with Boardeaser

Boardeaser’s annual planning function provides an easy-to-understand picture of planned meetings and activities year by year.

Here’s how to do it:
Log in or create an account and click on Annual Planning in the Board Portal to see already planned activities. Add meetings yourself for the coming year or create the planning of a board year with suggestions on different themes for each meeting by clicking on New annual planning. You can choose to see everything that needs to happen or filter on what is relevant to your role. Good foresight and transparency are created by everyone being able to see the annual planning and what activities the board has in front of them.

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