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3 podcasts the board professional must not miss

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Quiet in the home office? Here are three podcasts about board work that give you wise insights into board work, leadership and decision-making.

The Board Podcast

Board Academy East Sweden
The board podcast highlights the importance of the board and conveys strategic knowledge that you can immediately put into practice. The podcast provides new perspectives on how you can develop your board and your company.

Listen to the Board podcast here.


Michaëla Berglund, CEO of Michaël Berglund
Transparency is a podcast about leadership, recruitment and board work in a time of change. Michaëla meets leaders and talks about how to lead, recruit and work on the board in an inspiring way.

Listen to Transparency here.


Robin Askelöf, CMO at the tech company Hypergene
Competitiveness looks at future decision-making, business management and leadership from various exciting perspectives.

Listen to Competitiveness here.

Happy listening!

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