E-sign board minutes with BankID

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With our e-signing, you can easily sign your board minutes electronically. Boardeaser has now made the board meeting completely digital, from agenda to signed minutes, and everything is stored automatically and encrypted.

The law behind

The Swedish Companies Act approves BankId for electronic signing of board minutes. Boardeaser manages the signing in collaboration with Assently who verifies and stores the electronic signature. Read more at these links:

You activate Boardeaser E-Sign in our Add-ons shop. Learn more about add-ons.

More control with more permission levels

Boardeaser has now introduced three levels of authority so that the board can more clearly control who can do what:

  • Administrator – Can read and edit everything in Boardeaser

  • Observer – Can read everything but only edit assigned tasks/meetings

  • Limited – Can only read and edit assigned tasks/meetings

The board gets higher security and better control over the system. As an Observer, for example, accountant can be invited and Restricted can be used for someone who is co-opted to a meeting. We recommend that all members of the board are administrators for full functionality.

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