Secure board meetings

Secure board meetings remotely

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Important meetings and decisions are often postponed because the board does not have the opportunity to gather physically. It does not have to be that way, if you have prepared yourself with the right solutions and methods. A secure board portal with integrated video meetings and e-signing keeps the work going – no matter where the members are.

A good digital board portal streamlines the day-to-day board work and creates space for company building. But digital board work is more than an efficiency measure – it is also about risk minimization.

Board work remotely – a safety issue

In a professional, digital board portal, business-critical and confidential information can be handled securely. An equally important safety aspect is the possibility of remote work, to ensure the board’s progress when members cannot participate physically. The digital board work means that critical meetings can be carried out at short notice, regardless of where the members are located geographically.

A board that can carry out all work remotely is simply better prepared for unexpected events.

Can the entire meeting process be carried out remotely?

Absolutely, all the way from agenda to signed minutes. All that is required is for the board to work in a secure, digital board portal with three key functions:

  1. Digital meeting process
    Prepare the entire meeting process in your digital board portal – set the date and agenda, upload reading material and send a notice. Everything is available to the board in a unified and safe place, around the clock and wherever you are.

    Read more about the smart features of a board portal here.

  2. Video meeting on the
    Activate a secure video meeting directly in your board portal. A unique link is attached to the summons and participants only need a computer, no software is required.

    Discover how easily web-based video meetings work here.

  3. Sign with BankID
    End the meeting process with a few clicks of a button – adjust, approve and e-sign the minutes with your BankID.

    How e-signing works >

How to get started with digital board work

Boardeaser’s board portal offers all the features required for secure board work remotely – and much more.

Try Boardeaser’s board portal for free for 30 days >

Book a free demo >

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